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It is the naming ceremony
day. Saying that I am the
happiest woman alive is
definitely not an
understatement.Our extra-
large compound seemed to
have become a market
place because everywhere
was filled with people.
Everyone in Nigeria seemed
to have their eyes fixed on
Richbel’s Estate as
journalists came enmass to
capture the event.
The large and beautifully
crafted events centre in the
estate is the venue for the
naming. The crafts and art
works were inspected by
everyone that came. The
flowers gave the
environment a sweet smell
and those who were not
flower freaks started
developing interest in them.
My native attire dazzled and
accentuated my body as I
went from one place to
another greeting people. It
is certain that I would not
be able to greet half of the
guests but I still went about
welcoming people. My mum
was taking care of the baby
and Richard has been held
down by a group of friends.
I saw some of those friends
coming with Richard and I
smiled. Richard and I had
the same costume on and
my heart swelled with pride
as I gazed at my handsome
husband. They took me
before I could even protest
and placed me beside
Richard, with their cameras
in hand. I laughed as we
both tried to find a
wonderful position and
style. I ended up standing
right in front of Richard. He
had his hands on my waist
and my hands were placed
on his, my back resting on
his broad chest. Everyone
around joined the friends,
bringing their phones and
Ipads out and clicking
away. We laughed and
smiled as flashes of
cameras continued to
“How are you feeling today
after close to three years of
no issue” I heard a
journalist say, standing
right in front of me.
I smiled at the camera as all
the journalists gathered
round to capture my

“I feel ecstatic. I am
so grateful to God for a day
like this. I feel I am the
happiest person alive.
Nothing compares to the
joy of being a mother. To
my loving husband who
stood by me throughout
the waiting period, you are
the best husband ever. I
owe it all to God. Speaking
of children, I have to get
back to my angel. Chao” I
turned back and hurried
The ceremony was very
interesting and wonderful.
It ended after about two
hours. Our pastor was the
one that did the naming. My
son was giving three
names: Roland, Samuel and
Promise. We were asked to
dance after the ceremony
and we danced and danced.
People came around and
danced with us.
Immediately after the
dance, someone stood in
front of Richard and i.
Richard’s mum was
glowing in her native attire
and her beauty was evident.
How could she not give
birth to someone as
handsome as Richard? I
wondered. Even at fifty, she
easily turns heads. I looked
at Richard, reminding him
of his promise with my
eyes. He smiled. The
reconciliation is long
overdue. He went forward
and hugged his mum
tightly. Cheers filled the air,
as cameras clicked. Tears
flowed from the eyes of
Loretta, as well as Richard.
They helped wipe the eyes
of each other and held on
to each other again. Tears
threatened to go down and
it flowed down unhindered
as I looked at them. She
took little Roland from my
hands for the first time,
beaming with the joy of
being a grandmother.
“I am proud of you” I
whispered to Richard and
he beamed. We both
watched as my mother-in-
law held Roland with so
much love. Richard’s friends
came and took him. It all
happened within the
twinkling of an eye. Loretta
let out a scream and before
we knew what was
happening, a gun was
placed against her head.
“Nobody moves or I’ll blow
off this woman’s head
along with this thing she is
carrying” I heard a familiar
voice say.
I saw with horror as
Oyinade’s face came into
view. Richard was moving
closer slowly, I saw from
the corner of my eyes.
“Don’t you dare move. Don’t
dare me. I would blow her
head off. I swear” she yelled
at Richard. Obviously, she
had seen him.
A sickening dread covered
me. A fear I had never felt
“Leave my child out
of this Oyin, your problem is
with me.”
She laughed. “Really? He is
the reason why you won.
Tell me something: don’t I
have the right to be with
the man I love?”
“You don’t have the right to
be with another woman’s
husband” I said quietly.
She laughed. “Well, I don’t
have the time to banter
words with you. Since I
can’t have Richard, you also
would not have the chance
to be with him. Bye”
My face grew pale.

“No”, I
heard Richard yell as he ran
towards me. The gun shot
echoed, shattering the
silence that had once
engulfed the air.

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