Belina - S02 E40 (Story Episode)

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“I don’t love him. I didn’t
love him before. I guess I
was just attracted to him
and I definitely did not hug
him, I bumped into him” I
said then proceeded to
explain how it had all
He nodded.

“now, you want
me to believe all that and
you won’t believe me?” he
said quietly. He inched
closer to me, his anger
obviously fading. “Oyinade
is just an over-ambitious
girl. You’ve known me for a
long time now, who do you
believe? You do know that
you are free to believe what
you want”
I looked at him silently. I
trust him and always have
but the evidence I had got
was too much to put away.
I looked down but he used
his finger to raise my chin,
causing me to look into his
eyes again.
“I want you to discern the
truth from my eyes, look at
me. I have not told you
about all these because I
did not want to hurt your
feelings; and also due to
your condition. You told me
you didn’t like her and I did
not listen and it hurt me to
have her confess her guilt.
Prisca found out the truth
and was wise enough to
play the detective role”
Richard smiled, causing me
to smile also.
I scoffed and said in a quiet
voice. “And do you also
believe that there is nothing
between Kelvin and I? I
don’t even love him, at least
not even up to a quarter of
how much I love you”
He smiled. “I knew that and
that is why I made peace
with Kelvin today”. I raised
my eyebrow in surprise. He
“yes, I was
surprised I did that too. He
finally gained
consciousness and I just felt
pity instead of the usual
anger I feel. He challenged
me for helping him despite
our dispute, saying that all I
wanted was to shove my
victory in his face” he shook
his head.

“all I saw then
was a man who is deeply
embittered about the
prospect of losing you. It is
definitely too much to
handle and if I were to be
in his shoes, I would have
done likewise. I offered him
my friendship after a long
time arguing my intentions,
he accepted. I guess he was
just touched that I could
help him after all he did to
I laughed happily and
hugged him tight. I have
already forgiven Kelvin
immediately I heard of his

“I love you
Richard, very very much”
He pulled me and held my
waist, looking into my eyes
with a thoughtful look.

I love you? Hmmm… I love
you like kilode”
We roared in laughter,
laughed and laughed. The
Yoruba language sounded
so awkward from his
accentuated mouth that the
mere thought of the word
made me laughed the more.
“I love you” he kissed me

“so we are settled
now right?” he stretched

“Do I now get a
proper welcome kiss?”
I scoffed.
“What of the one
you stole now?”
“As you’ve said, it was
stolen” he stood, waiting. I
inched closer slowly and
when his eyes were
dropping shut, I kissed him
on the cheek, leaving him
spell bound. I jumped on
the bed and covered myself
with the blanket. Trust him,
he ranted and ranted about
how unfair that was,
coming over to disturb the
living daylight out of me.
Richard held my waist from
behind, startling me. The
aroma in the kitchen was
so heavenly that even my
mouth watered. After the
usual kisses and greetings, I
turned to him, holding his
neck with my hands and
gazing up at him. He looked
round and round, trying to
determine what I was
preparing but I refused to
tell him. After an extensive
try, he gave up and took my
advice of sitting in the
sitting room and watching
TV. I smiled. He has no idea
what I had in store for him.

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