Broken Seal - S02 E30 (Story Episode)

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Angelo: i…i….i am Nenita’s father!

Carolyne: what! You must be kidding me!

Angelo: no i’m not, i can explain…..


Its two weeks to the end of Mayor Matt’s tenure, a new mayor is to be voted in before then.

The campaignes were on top gear, the two most important candidates ; belonging to the strongest opposition parties were Angelo and Guidotti.

Angelo noticed Mayor matt was supporting Guidotti. Guidotti was his godson.

Angelo wasn’t bothered one bit, he knew this was a political contest and the people’s choice would march into victory.

Angpelo’s friends phoned him, asking him to come over to new rock hotel for their weekly meriment; where they would drink and have fun.

He didn’t hesitate to drive down to the hotel, it wasn’t really much of a hotel, it was a more of a lounge with rooms for bookings.

Kate the waitress served them drinks and meat as usual.

Angelo together with his friends drank to stupor, their sensees got snatched away by the strong wine in their system.

Friend1: there is a goodie inside!

Angelo: a hot one you mean?

Friend2: super hot….just check out room 012.

Angelo left them and located room 12 with a little search.

He opened the door to meet a young lady on the bed, the room was gloomy.

He went to her and pleasured himself despite her pleas and cries.

She was the first lady to try resisting, this wasn’t the first time he and his friends were doing this.

Angelo and his friends left when it was few minutes past 12am.

Kate was clearing the table, she was about closing for the day when she heard loud sobs of a woman.

She traced the voice to room 12, where a lady was seated on the bed, her hair were a mess, she looked sweaty.

Kate tried to keep her calm, she also tried getting her to say something.

Lady: my name is Nikky Angelo, i was kidnapped and raped by some unknown guys.

Kate: you mean your dad is Angelo the mayorship aspirant?

Nikky: yes and thats why those båstards must pay!

Kate knew Angelo was the rapist, she was sure telling Nikky would create a family scandal, she didn’t want to be the cause of other persons problems, she decided to keep it to her self.

She took Nikky home and set her off the following morning.

Angelo sat in the balcony, enjoying the aura of fresh air, reading a newspaper and sipping his fruit juice at intervals.

His phone beeped three times consecutively, all of which were text messages ; two pictures and a voicemail.

The pictures captured himself and Nikky on the bed, the pics were taken yesterday.

He was shocked to see the lady in question was no other than his own daughter.

He opened the voice mail and a male voice popped out…..

“i presume you like what you see, well if you don’t want to see those pics in the headline tomorrow, withraw from the contest.

Think about your family, Mr. Angelo”

the sender I.D was hidden, he told his friends about it, they claim not to know the girl in question was his daughter.

Angelo transfered all the blames Guidotti, his opponent in the election.

This caused a fight between them as Guidotti said he knew nothing about the whole rape plan.

The quarrel signed the gulf in their friendship.


Nikky came home with a sad face, Angelo didn’t ask before she narrated her ordeals with the kidnappers to him.

He feld really ashamed, he couldn’t bring himself to tell his daughter he was the rapist.

Nikky: i’m pregnant dad, i don’t know what to do, am scared of abortion!

Angelo: you love Isaiah right? How about you pin the baby on him!

Nikky: dad! We’vd never had sex before.

Angelo: then you can have one, well atleast the foetus is still very young.

Nikky didn’t like the idea at first, but she loved Isaiah and was ready to do anything to buy his love.


Angelo: see? It all boils down to Guidotti!

Voice: thats not true!!!

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