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Betrayal - S01 E32 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32


I finally took him to wonderland as i guided and showed him the road to extreme pleasure. The joy in his face and the sparkle in his eyes were enough to tell me that i have caged him with my honey spell. We did two rounds that fateful day before lying beside each other in deep satisfaction. Yea we really both needed the sex so badly.

Our love affair grew stronger from that day, and we could have dated happily ever after if not for Dave who often showed up to spoil things, he still continued wooing me and nothing i did to stop him seemed to have any effect on him, instead it appeared to make him more desperate than ever, which truly alarmed me, that i had no choice than to seek Amara’s advice and help who then suggested that we team up with Lynda before confronting him.

Against Benjamin’s approval i accepted Amara’s suggestion and tried to reach an agreement with Lynda, but my first attempt failed when Dave mysteriously showed up and spoiled the whole thing by expressing his feelings to me in Lynda’s presence, which suddenly made her more jealous and suspicious that i had to flea from her room that fateful evening.

I truly was very hurt and beaten by Dave’s unexpected cunny move that i utterly decided to give up, but no Amara wouldn’t accept defeat and urged me to go back and explain things to Lynda, which i did with her by my side.

When we were about gaining Lynda’s confidence again, Dave appeared as usual from no where to spoil things again for us, even though he came this time with two other bad boys who blocked and locked us inside lynda’s room. Only God knew his plan that fateful day.

A bitter argument instantly ensued between Dave and Lynda which soon resulted to Dave rendering her a sharp slap. A visibly provoked and angry Amara instantly jumped up to Lynda’s defence and dared Dave.

In the confrontation and exchange of words that followed, Dave finally revealed to Amara that he wasn’t going to touch her merely because her boyfriend is a member of his gang, which instantly stunned and left Amara speechless.

I had to intervene by calling him a liar, but before he could reply my comment, Lynda plunged at him with a kitchen knife, though he luckily saw her on time, side stepped and tried to grab the knife, but he miscalculated, and screamed as the blunt blade cut his left finger.

We all gasped…..

The End of Season 1

Part 2 comes up shortly…..

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