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Betrayal - S01 E24 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 24


Dave calmly entered my room with a confident smile on his face. I left my door ajar, and drew down my curtain, which then stood in its place, because i really didn’t want to lock myself inside my room with him.

“you are looking very lovely” he said with a smile as he sat on my bed. I sat on a plastic chair and forced out a smile,
“thanks ooo my God is alive” i replied…….

“so what plans do you have for the rest of the day?” he asked,
“i don’t understand your question” i replied as i gave him a curious look,

“how do you plan to spend the rest of the day?” he asked,
“oops now i understand, anyway i have no plans other than to read my books, sleep and eat” i replied a bit coldly,
“hmmm it’s okay sha” he muttered……..

We stayed in silence for a while, which really was one of my boring moments that particular day. I sat uneasily on my chair and browsed with my phone, as i equally prayed for Amara to show up and rescue me……

“globacom is hosting a show this evening in school, will you like to attend?” he later asked. I looked up in surprise and shook my head,

“really!, how come i didn’t hear about it” i muttered to myself loudly…..

“so will you like to attend?, i heard tuface, sound sultan and other musicians will be coming?” he asked anxiously, but i just bit my lips and looked away,

“no i don’t think i will go” i replied, even though i secretly was dying to attend such a show, but then i really couldn’t accept to go out with such a boy, whom i knew was all out to impress me, till he gets whatever he had in mind, moreover attending such a show with him, might end up into another thing which i equally was very scared to think of…..

“what are you thinking” he asked, stood up and drew close to me, while i immediately composed myself and smiled,
“nothing i’m fine” i replied, but he squatted by my side and held my hands,

“i know you don’t trust me, i can see it in your eyes, but no matter the opinion you may have about me, just know that i’m also human, who deserves to be shown love and respect which you are not even showing to me” he said as he stared into my eyes……

“what do you mean?” i heard myself ask, but he laughed,
“i can read your eyes, you despise me because you know i belong to a secret cult, but dear if you should hear my story, you won’t really blame me at all” he said calmly.

“i’m already in love with you which i can’t help, please just take me as a friend. It hurts me very much whenever you treat me like dirt, just like you did this morning, please don’t look at my outside nature, but look inside me, and decide for yourself, whether i’m that bad” he added, while his face changed as if he wanted to cry……..

I really was touched, but all i could do was just to look away and stand up,

“i have heard you, but it won’t change anything, we will continue to be friends and nothing more, just as you asked for” i replied………

“it’s okay by me, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” i heard him say as he stood up,

“what do you mean” i asked in surprise, but he just laughed,
“don’t mind me dear, it’s really nothing” he replied,
“but i have one more request” he added, while i turned and faced him,

“what is it?” i asked.

“please i need just a friendly hug from you, to mark our friendship, then i will leave” he begged, while i bit my lips and looked away,

“cm’on what’s so hard in it?, a friendly hug won’t do you anything” he begged…..

I shruggled as i breathed deeply, hesitantly drew close and hugged him, while he tightly held me a bit longer than i had in mind……….

Unluckily Benjamin came in that very moment…………..

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