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Betrayal - S01 E23 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23


“no i didn’t ooo” i seriously replied as i fell on my bed, and clutched my teddy bear with a smile,

“sharrap you liar” i heard Amara say with a smile,
“didn’t Benjamin sleep here last night?” she asked seriously, as if she already was aware he did, while i wondered whether she really knew, or was just trying to play with my intelligence……

I breathed deeply and stared at her,

“yes he did, but there was no sex ooo” i replied, while her face lit up momentarily with bright eyes, which soon died away as she stared at me again in surprise,

“huh what did you just say?? Do you mean you two didn’t??” she asked, while i seriously nodded to her,

“yea we didn’t do anything, he is a complete gentleman” i said with a smile……

“abeg go jare, you wan tell me, you didn’t wet your pant as you dey wait for him to do something?” she asked with a naughty smile,

“comot there, you chukuchuku girl, you too like bad thing, do you thing everybody behaves like you, thank God you no be man tufiakwa! things for happen well for your head” i said to her, while she laughed out loud……

“i was on my way coming, when i saw you both sneaking into your room last night so i just turned and returned to my room, but i came here this early, in order to confirm whether he actually slept here” she explained,

“infact you are jobless” i said to her with a smile…….

“so what’s up with you and Dave?” she enquired, while i shruggled,

“i don’t know what is wrong with that boy, he just started showing interest in me” i replied with a yawn,

“please be careful with that wolf ooo, don’t mind his innocent face, he is very dangerous” she advised me…

We chatted all through that morning happily, and we really had a great time, because Amara never lacks topics and so we ate together, gisted and joked till noon, when she left for her room……..

I immediately freshened up as soon as she left, before calling Benjamin on phone, in order to know where he was,
“i went to see my uncle, i will be back shortly” he replied,
“abeg buy something when returning, including Naija movies oo” i begged,
“ok madam i will” he replied, while i smiled……

I had barely ended the phone call when i heard someone knock on my door, i immediately knew it was Dave which really made my body temperature rise a bit. I breathed deeply and reached for my door, which i quietly opened, while he stood at the doorway with his usual decieving smile………

“may i come in?” he polietly asked, while i nodded, opened my door wider and made way for him to enter my room, which he did with a confident smile on his face….,.

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