Oga Landlord - S01 E21 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers
My head bounced on something strong and I felt a sharp pain, I lost consciousness immediately. I didn’t know what happened again, I was awaken with a bucket of water poured on my body.

I start shouting ewooooohh! Wetin I do?

Voice: kiaaaa! Will you kip kuit!
I heard gbosaaa! I started seeing things, I saw my father smiling at me. Telling me where he hide the money he wanted to give to me before he died suddenly.

Me: papa, talk truth. Na under bed you hide the money?

Voice: kaii! Who you dey call am for papa?

Another resetting slap landed on my cheek tooossaaa! I started seeing my mother standing just before.

Mom: my son, you don chop? Go collect your food for kitchen.

Me: mama, hope say na rice you cook. I nodey like beans.

Voice: na rice you wan my give am for you!

Voice2: leave him….

After some minutes I recovered from the thunderous slap, I looked around me. I couldn’t see a thing because the room is dimly lit and I was tied to a chair, the light in the room was switched on and Alhaji stood before me with two menacing looking soldiers.

The one standing just beside Alhaji looks like someone who is prepared to escort someone to hell fire, I shivered at the big tribal mark like map on his face.

Alhaji: you this small boy! You dey f--k my wife Aisha?

Me: I nodey f--k your wife I swear, we be just business partner. Na there we dey meet to discuss serious business matter
I start crying

Alhaji: you no wan talk truth, give am rambo slap.

Soldier man1: sir yes sir!

This slap around came like earthquake gbosssssssaaaaaaaaa! I lost consciousness instanta. I woke later to find only myself in the room, my body was aching badly and I was very famished.
After yawning several times, sleepless sleep took me away.

The following day I was dragged outside with one of the soldier man, the one that was smoking my ass yesterday. I swear, if I get money I will teach him a lesson.

Soldier man: kaaii! Roll, roll, roll!
I was so tired of living and tired of fearing soldiers, which one is roll roll?

Me: wetin be roll roll?

Soldier man1: you dey ask am for me for question?

He whipped me with the koboko, that is how I find myself rolling on smelling lurking water, the water was very dirty and irritating. I didn’t know were the strength came from, I rolled back and forward on the water non-stop.

Alhaji: after em don go meet em ancestors, he will avoid military p*ssy till death do him apart.

Soldier man1: jump like frug!
I didn’t allow him to order me again, I bent and held my both ears. Bent low and started leaping out of the dirty water, I was crying seriously. Immediately I got out of the water, I knelt before Alhaji.

Me: sir, am innocent! No kill me oh, na only me remain for my lineage.

Alhaji: na only you remain, you get mind sleep with my wife
pointing a gun at me

Me: no no, I no sleep with your wife I swear.

I heard gun sound, I didn’t know if the bullet touched me or not. But i blacked out, I woke with a soft hand touching me. I opened my eyes and adjusted my sight to see Aisha beside me on the bed.

I no need whistle to run, I jumped out of the bed immediately.

Aisha: don’t run.
what is this one saying?

Alhaji was beside her smiling broadly.

Alhaji: no run, we were just testing you.
testing me? With that kind beating? Are you okay?

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