Oga Landlord - S01 E20 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.
I be wan run enter my shop when I realized that Aisha wasn’t joking when she said she is a wife to an Army General.

The soldiers stood at the entrance while both of them approached me.

Alhaji: is he the one you are talking about Aisha?

Aisha: yes, Alhaji. He is my business partner, he is the one selling the goods from Canada for me.

Alhaji: I thought it is a lady
my mind fly is okay, how are you my friend?

Me: am fine sir
we shakes hands, em hand strong like iron bender please, sir. Can we go inside my office?.

Alhaji: no problem, no problem, lets go. Lead the way.

Three of us walked to my office but we didn’t go in together as Ahaji received a call that kept him outside my office, he signaled us to go in while he is on the phone.

Aisha: I missed your d
ck, am even wt seeing you.

Me: egbesu! No be me and you, see Aisha. Stay away from me oh, am the only person remaining in my lineage, I no wan die young.

Aisha: Alhaji cannot do anything, I regret marrying him. Always a minute he is tired, is my parents that forced me to marry him.

Me: am I your parents? Abeg, leave me hand oh. That man resemble leader of boko haram, I no want trouble.

Aisha: nothing will happen to you, I will be giving you money anytime you service me
na now you come

Alhaji: Aisha!
my heart enter my mouth let us go, we will see him later.

Both of them left while I locked my office immediately, and went home. I was relaxing in my room when I started hearing people shouting on top of their voices.

Voice1: useless woman, go back to your mother’s house. I no wan marry you again.

Voice2: woooor woooor! Useless man, I dey even manage you. If no be say I don born pikin for you, I for don leave your house.

I came out of my room to see why these people will not allow someone to rest, I walked inside the compound and saw mama and papa Chinedu dragging each other. Papa Chinedu is throwing her wife things outside the compound, while mama Chinedu was putting it back. Chinedu stood naked watching both of them ‘causing commotion.

Tony: Papa Chinedu wetin happen? Why you wan pursue your wife?

Papa Chinedu: ask this useless woman, imagine a whole me dey f--k my wife. She dey laugh as I dey do am, when I marry her. She no get well, how manage borehole come out there?
eeehhnnnn everyone shouts

Mama Chinedu: you nodey shame papa Chinedu, your p---k small pass Chinedu own. You dey here dey disgrace yourself
everyone starts laughing

Papa Chinedu: that thing no be my pikin, na you know who give you that belle wey you born that naked madboy. You go see who dey disgrace each other here.

Papa Chinedu rushed inside his room and brought out mama Chinedu bags, and threw it outside.

Mama Chinedu: no throway my things outside oh, I nodey go anywhere. Here na my husband house.

Tony: papa Chinedu, you no want your wife again?

Papa Chinedu: I put water for my mouth, if you like am carry am dey go.

Papa Chinedu went inside the room to bring more bags outside, while Tony picked up his wife bags and carried it to his own room.

Papa Chinedu came out of his room with his wife’s bags in his hands.

Papa Chinedu: useless woman, you will leave my house today…. Who commot the bags I keep for here?

Tony: na me engineer Tony carry am, I don dey eye your wife taytay. I just dey wait for your permission.

Papa Chinedu carried all the bags he threw outside and went inside Tony’s room, and took his wife’s bags.

Papa Chinedu: useless woman, enter inside the house. Tony, no go marry oh. Hope breaker, devil!

He forced his wife and child inside the house, I went inside my room and my phone beeped. I checked it was a message from Aisha that we should meet at our usual place, she even wrote about a money transfer which I confirmed too.
With speed of light I prepared and headed to the guest house, immediately I dropped at the gate I saw four soldier men and Alhaji coming towards the gate.

I wanted to run when one of them cocked his gun, before I could beg I find myself floating in mid-air. I lost consciousness immediately, I tried to move but couldn’t move because I was tied like cow.

Voices: 1 2 3.

I was thrown into a waiting dyna, I landed with a loud thuds.

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