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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

Me: thanks, welcome to my humble abode. Feel comfortable, have a seat please
me wey don jack all the chairs enter kitchen tay tay

Cynthia’s friend: thank you,
the girl fine die, her bumbm fit rise any fallen warrior I don’t see any chair to seat on are you a learner, see bed na*

Me: the bed will serve as chair, we need space for the war
she raised her eyebrows I no sabi your name.

Cynthia’s friend: you no kukuma ask Cynthia my name, well… Am Veronica.

Me: na only fine girls dey bear that name oh, I never see any worwor Veronica since I was born.

Veronica: you dey whine me bah? Because I know say you have not seen all the Veronica.

Me: lemme offer you something, make we leave matter for Martha and Mathias.
I raised the volume of the song on play, browse enter fridge. Brought out chill beer, if girl f--k you when she high, my brother your life will never remain the same.

I placed the glass and beer bottle side by side, brought opener and opened it.

Veronica: thanks.

Me: I like you well well, I nofit sleep without you. When I wake up your name na the first thing wey enter my mouth.

Veronica: hiaa! This your own tire me oh, shebi is today you sabi my name?

Me: ermmm…. Ermmm…
I started scratching my head, she has already drown half bottle of the beer

she placed a finger on my lips shh… I understand, I like you too.

She wore crop top and bumshort, I immediately placed my lips on her’s. And we started kissing, I held the helm of her crop-top and removed it. Two rounded firm fleshy flawless br*asts without stretched marks greeted me without bra, I thought bra was the one holding the two fallen heroes, I didn’t know it was sweet like melons.

It didn’t take time our clothes were off from our bodies, her p*nt and bumshort were lying recklessly on the floor with her crop-top. We were both naked, if the girl was beautiful with clothes but without clothes she is pretty.

I was on top her s
cking her sweet npples, my dck was already hrd and thrbbing to pound inside her wt p*ssy.

I spread her legs ready to p
netrate inside her wt p*ssy but was surprised she used her palm to cover the hole, wetin be this girl wahala?

Me: where I go put my thing na?

Veronica: no worry, you go put am inside. I wan ask you something, I be your girlfriend?

Me: yes, na only that one be the problem? No wahala, you be my one and only girlfriend.
We were both sweating, her palm was still there. She was happy when I said that, how person go ask question when konji dey do person? And em want no as answer.

She removed her palm and I was ready to pound in, I jammed back of her palm.

Me: oooohhhh!! Wetin remain again? Shey I don tell you say you be my girlfriend.

Veronica: I know. As your girlfriend my Monthly allowance na twenty thousand naira every Month, because am dating a very handsome youngest landlord.

Me: twenty wetin?

Veronica: ahh ahhh! Na small money for you na.

Me: o gini? Small wetin? Twenty thousand na small money? Four people salary.

My d*ck don fall sef as she mentioned that twenty thousand naira, I climbed down from the bed and wore my boxer. The girl was surprised the way I reacted, she for know say I nodey use money play.

Veronica: baby, where are you going? We haven’t even started what we should finish.

Me: who be your baby? As for me. The twenty thousand naira you mention don finish me, I no get sp*rm again to f--k as I dey wear boxer like this.

I took my shirt and went outside, Cynthia don mad oh! Na she tell that girl that kind thing.

I came out to the frontage and stood on the verandah, Simeon was sitting on a chair when a boy walk pass.

Simeon: hey, o boy. I like that your shirt how much you buy am?

Boy: I buy am 2k.

Me: you know the boy as you dey ask am how much em buy the shirt?

Simeon: them dey know person before them go ask question?
The boy went away, later he came and Simeon saw him.

Simeon: where you buy the shirt? I go like to buy my own.

Boy: na mile 3 market wey I buy am.

Veronica came out well dressed, she still wore the bumshort and the crop-top. She is looking beautiful as usual.

Veronica: na because of twenty thousand naira na em you no wan f--k?

Simeon: hey hey! Oboy, which side for market you buy the shirt, no vex?

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