Oga Landlord - S01 E15 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

I got up from the floor and saw Cynthia standing beside the door, her arms hugged to herself. I peered behind her expecting her friend to surface, is this one joking with me?

Me: wey your friend na? This one you stand like person wey person die for their family?

Cynthia: yes na, person die. My belle need food, as I dey like this I wan eat.

Me: no think am oh, I never cook since yesterday. If hungry dey catch you, how em take concern me? I be your papa or wetin? Na me import you come PH?

Cynthia: oga stingy man. Em tall fine come be landlord ooohhh!

Me: this one you dey sing? Na who dey inspire you aunty? Shey na hunger or wetin?

Cynthia: my friend and I wan go eat oh, she say she go come after she eat finish. If you want still take us outing nothing spoil, abi no be person wey wan open legs dey spend?
I no trust this Cynthia

Me: Cyn Cyn baby, finest girl in Africa. One of my tight customer just called me my show, I wan even commot before you enter. Make ona go eat, when I come back we go see, I no mean you oh!

Cynthia: you no resemble person wey wan commot na. You want commot with that boxer and your amu wey dey stand like pole inside your boxer?

Me: my first wear suite before I go commot from house? I just dey exercise myself first before I go commot.

Cynthia: ehhnnn…

Me: ummmmhh…!!

She looked at me suspiciously before she left the door, na me ona wan run down. That is when I remembered the card that Aisha gave to me earlier, I went in search of it and took it from my trouser’s side pocket.
I sent a message as she instructed earlier, with my ID.
I took my towel and had my bath, luckily there was light all these while.

My phone started ringing and it was Aisha, I saved her number already.

Aisha: I will send you an address for you to come meet me in that location, hope you can?

Me: you no need to ask. Even if you say my trek come US, I will. Even tho na China, I must come. Am yours to command, jare!

She laughed and ended the call, I ready myself. I even used perfume and other yama yama to spice my look, I took my phone and came out of my room.

I wanted to take fresh air before she will send the message, I came out of the pavement and saw Gentle and Ishi.

Both of them were devouring garri with soup, if those two children were the only one on Earth. No one would have produced shirt, they only agree to wear clothes on gun point.

Their two get pot-belle as them small like that, Ishi has a big head and Gentle isn’t gentle at all with food. When I saw Ishi forming his morsel, I was wondering were the little child will be able to swallow it? Until I saw Gentle forming his also morsel, fear catch me.

Ishi: where are your table manners?
Gentle look around like someone in search of something, he then look up

Gentle: I don drop am inside room oh! Em godey under table.

My phone beeped and I checked it, it was a message from Aisha that I should meet her in Havina guest house.
I quickly entered keke and located the place, because I know that area wella sha..

I met the receptionist and she told me were I should go, the guest house isn’t classic. I didn’t know her reason for picking that one. I got to the door and knocked.

Voice: come in.

I opened the door and met Aisha standing with towel wrapped around her body with shower cap.

Baba God blessings no go fit pass me by.

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