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Betrayal - S01 E19 (Story Episode)

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19


He tried to kiss me again, but i politely pushed his face away, and his expression changed as he looked at me curiously,

“hope i no fall hands by confessing to you” he anxiously asked in pidgin english, while i bursted into laughter,

“no dear you didn’t” i answered amidst laughter as i equally caressed his face a bit, he kept quiet and just watched me…….

“it’s just that i have to get going, because i have a school assignment i wish to tackle this evening” i explained, while he shruggled,

“okay but i do feel you are running away from me” he replied, and i breathed deeply,
“dear i will return once i’m done with my assignment” i assured him, while he shruggled again,
“it’s okay and also remember to bring another plate of rice when coming” he added. I then got up with a smile and left his room……..

I truly had no assignment to do that evening, but i only wanted to be alone for a moment, in order to control and calm myself down, because i didn’t want to betray my excitement, moreover his confession really overwhelmed me, because i never dreamt i’d be so lucky to have a male virgin, whom i like so much for myself……

“hmmm am i not a lucky girl?” i asked my image as i stared at my mirror with a smile, and just that moment i heard a knock on my door………

I opened my door happily, because i thought it was Amara my best friend who was at my door, because she earlier promised to show up, but my smile quickly disappeared when i saw Dave standing at the door way…….

“hullo pretty girl i came to keep you company” he said with a smile as he walked into my room, without even waiting for me to admit him in, while i froze in fear because everyone knew him as a notorious cultist…..

However Dave really was a very handsome and rich guy, who spoiled himself by belonging to a cult group, and he so much was into it, that he was very popular within and outside the hostel and school environment, and he equally was a boy who thought the world only revolved around money and cultism……

As he sat on my bed with a smile, i wondered what really brought him to my room, by that time of the day………..

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