Betrayal - S01 E18 (Story Episode)

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“hope my confession didn’t change anything?” i heard Benjamin anxiously ask, while i touched his jaw and smiled,
“no dear it dosen’t” i replied sweetly, and he heaved a sigh of relief, before giving me a kiss on my cheek…….

I truly didn’t know what else to tell him, and so i stared silently at him, which he equally noticed. He drew closer to me and whispered into my right ear……

“hope you are alright baby? Because you are yet to make any comment” he asked, while i breathed deeply and said nothing………

“i know you are very surprised?” he asked as he held my right hand. I nodded and smiled,
“sure i’m, because it is very hard to believe that at your age and level you have never been intimate with a woman, even for once” i replied, and he looked down unhappily with a drawn jaw,

“i know something caused it and i can read it in your eyes and expression, tell me what is it?” i curiously inquired, but he just fidgeted and looked away…..

“open up to me Ben, you will gain my trust more by opening up” i added, while he bit his lips and stared at me painfully,

“i dated a girl for four years without sex” he confessed and looked down in shame and pain. I reached out my hand and drew his face up, and into his eyes i gazed,

“tell me how it all happened dear?” i asked curiously, with a fast beating heart, while he shook his head……..

“i loved her with my whole body, soul and spirit, but she took them all in her hand and crushed, as if it was nothing” he said unhappily, while i strongly held his hand as i listened to him……….

“so tell me about her” i quietly urged, and he swallowed hard, and bit his lips,

“we started dating right from our ss3, because she was my classmate and we equally got admitted into this university the same year. All went well at first, even though we never had sex, just because she said we should save it for marriage, which i had no problem with, since i loved and trusted her with all my heart, moreover she equally was a good christian, so i had no doubt over her fidelity, but then everything changed last year, when she started to hang out with a boy she introduced as her coursemate to me, and before i knew what was happening she finally told me that she dosen’t have feeling’s for me any more” he narrated sadly, while my heart weep for him…..

I drew his hands and embraced him, while he tightly held me, as if he was my child,

“oh Benjamin, only if you havn’t been so dull, this wouldn’t have happened to you” i said to myself as we held each other, and my love for him equally doubled, because i also deserved to have a male virgin for myself…….

Can two broken hearts linked together make a very giant strong heart of love??


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