Twins Adventure - S01 E24 (Story Episode)

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Not only will we have to repent for the sins of bad people; but we also will have to repent for the appalling silence of good people.

By : Martin Luther King

Oyibo : Less I forget, my friend here is worried that she has been influenced into making a covenant with an oracle by taking a oath.

Okwu:(laughs) Seems like you two situation is pretty, I can remember you told me the same thing about yourself when you first came to me.

Oyibo : Yes Okwu, can you help me clear her doubt?

Okwu : (to joy) You are not in any covenant with any living or spiritual being, if you were Ajah would have told me.

Oyibo :(shaken) Are you sure about this?

Okwu : (Frown) What I hate is doubt, I have told you and that’s the truth.

9:00pm *
At a little villa towards the outskirts of Eden city, madam edu was reclining on a sofa with a glass of red wine on her hand, she was currently watching a documentary on wild life.

The ringing of her phone brought her back from her full concentration on the TV. Checking the caller it was madam glow, she dropped the wine glass on a side stool and picked the call.

Madam edu : Hello.

Madam glow : oyibo and joy hasn’t come back since they left today.

Madam edu: I don’t know why that’s a problem, I mean it just clocked 9 and that’s early for our girls.

Madam glow : is not just that, they left since the early hours of the day, I won’t be bothered if is just normal work, but you know joy can’t still be working for now cause of the coming of smith she needs time to freshen up herself more.

Madam edu: You take business too serious, just calm down they are grown ups already they know best, am busy bye.

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