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Chioma's POV
the person by the door knocked again,

Chioma:mummy I have to go now (as I carried my bag and turn to leave)

Chioma’s mum:you have still not told me who is at the door…

Chioma:okay,his a friend of mine that stays down the street,we attend the same school so he told me he will come pick me up so we can go to school together…

Chioma’s mum:oh so tell me is he your boyfriend? (she asked with a wink)

Chioma:mummy his just a friend abeg(rolling my eyes)

I quickly ran to the door not to keep him waiting,I opened the door and saw Adams was about leaving as he turned…
ADAMS?(I yelled),he turned back..

Adams: so you’re inside?,ive been knocking like forever..

Chioma:sorry I was talking to my mum..

Adams: your mum is inside? (and she bursted out looking at both of us)

Adams: good morning ma’am…

Chioma’a mum:how are you doing handsome?,and what your name?

Adams: my name is Adams

Chioma’s mum:lovely, what state are you from?

chioma: mummy what with all this questions this early morning as if he came for job interview? (Adams bursted into laughter)…

Adams come let go jor,

Adams: nice to meet you ma’am,as he walked out of the gate…

chioma’s mum:Chioma my baby(she said with a wide grin and a wink)

Chioma:oh gosh (as I rolled my eyes and stormed off)

Chioma’s mum: wait come and collect your money for lunch jare(as she brought out 500naira from her purse)
i walked up to her and collected the money,I avoided her gaze because I know she will say something that will make me blush…

I was almost out of the gate when I heard her(YOU GO LOVE OOO),she shouted…

Chioma:this woman is very embarrassing (as I blushed)…

I saw Adams sitting on his bike holding an helmet…

Chioma:sorry about my mum..

Adams: about what?,there’s no need to apologize, I think she’s cool…

Chioma:trust me she’s not…by the way am I going to school with you with this bike?

Adams: put this on(as he handed me the helmet he was holding), we’re almost late hop in…

I collected it and strap it in,got on the bike but he didn’t move…

Chioma:are you not going again?,move na..

Adams: aren’t you going to hold my waist?,do you want to die?,look at other people, I looked around…

I slowly strapped my hands around his waist and rested my head on his back,then he started moving…

the same butterflies I felt before,am beginning to feel it once more,I felt comfortable leaning on his back,I wish that this would last forever as I perceived the cologne on his shirt,I closed my eyes as I sailed to wonderland….
Adams: are you sleeping….
I quickly opened my eyes..

Chioma:what?,are you not going again?,why did you stop?

Adams: look around, or you don’t know your school again?

I looked to the left and saw the school building…

Chioma: now now,this is fast ooo(I said with surprise),did you fly, wish we should just go back from my house and start again(I said within me)…

thanks for the ride anyway(as I came down and turned to leave),he stopped me..

Chioma:what…,(he pointed to my head),oh your helmet (I pulled it but it was stuck),he rolled his eyes as he got down and remove the strap…

thanks(I said in embarrassment), as I ran into the building to join them at the assembly that just started…
I looked around and saw where Adams was parking his bike beside the security house…
few minutes later*

the principal came out for announcement…

PRINCIPAL: good morning students, we we’re all shocked concerning what happened happened yesterday to a student of this school by the name emeka,well thank God he is getting better now but our punishment will still stand…
he stopped for a while….so I have decided to give the two victims involved in the fight before the accident a two weeks suspension..

chike come outside (he walked to the front from where he stood),now take your bags and leave the school premises immediately….(he walked down and entered the building to take his bag),his rank was handed to the the assistant until he resumes and another assistance was chosen….

*he continued** now another complaint we have from the cleaners of the school was that they came to school this morning and found the door to the store room bursted open with the key spoilt,but we thank God nothing was stolen,if you know of anybody who might be responsible for that kindly report in my office…you can now all march to your classes….

***I walked up the stairs with Maryjane to our class,uhm mj pls I need to use the restroom(I gave her my bag) as I ran down the hall before I pee on my body,by now no student was outside the school…
I got neared the entrance of the restroom and saw a boy and girl kissing and blocking the door, I got closer to take a better look at their faces and saw that it was Isabella and chike kissing….

they never noticed my presence until I spoke…

Chioma:uhh,excuse me I want to pass…(they quickly separated themselves from the kiss),am sorry..isabella whispered (as they shifted away from the door and walked away…

I can’t believe chike and Isabella we’re in a relationship, no wonder I heard he was fighting emeka(as I finished peeing,I ran to my class and caught both of them in another corner hugging themselves in tears…

I really feel sorry for them…
then I entered my class and walked to my seat before the teacher enters the class…
okay class bring take out your bags(the teacher says as he enters the class)….
***During lunch*
mj and I are on our way to the cafeteria…
mj:Chioma haven’t you heard?

Chioma:heard what?

mj:the math teacher has been sacked.

Chioma:it a lie,you mean Mr dotun?

mj:yes oo,after they found out he was the one chasing emeka before that happened to him…

Chioma:the way I hate that man ehh,better he should go and work in filling station….

(as we entered the cafeteria)

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