Addiction - S01 E50 (Story Episode)

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Chioma's POV
the bell finally rang for us to leave the cafeteria..

mj have they released the timetable for our exam tomorrow?(as we walked out of the cafeteria).,

Maryjane: they have released it since last week Friday na,it on the notice board..

we walked to the notice board downstairs, I quickly wrote down the timetable with some other students..

chioma can I talk to you?, we turned and saw emeka standing, I was shock to see emeka standing and wanting to speak to me,

Chioma:okay emeka am all ears

Emeka:in private pls..

(I looked at mj),mj can you wait for me in class pls,promise I will join you shortly…

Mj:are you sure I shouldn’t wait for you here?

Chioma:yes am sure…

she looked at emeka with a frown,looked at him from head to toes and hissed(as she walked up the stairs)

Chioma:so what is it you want to talk about?(as I folded my hands)

Emeka:chioma I think you should get tested(he said in a whisper)

then I remembered my dream,my heart started beating fast.

Chioma:w..w..what do you mean I sh…should get tested(I stammered)..,what are you talking about?

Emeka:I think am HIV positive (as a tears immediately dropped from his eye)..

Chioma:w..what?(as I bursted into tears),emeka you have killed me ooo(as I held him by his shirt)..

Emeka:chioma behave yourself (as he looked around), don’t let people get suspicious…

Emeka:oh God what will I do now(as I put my hands on my head),emeka God will judge you, so you are positive and you purposely slept with me without condom(I whispered)..

Emeka:no it a long story, let meet after school and go to nearest hospital for a test (as he held me by the shoulder)

Chioma:get your stupid hands off me(as I pushed him by his chest and ran up the stairs in tears)
I needed a place to think about what just happened,I cleaned the tears from my eyes to avoid stares from others,I need to pour out my the tears from my eyes, while I was walking too fast,I bumped into somebody, AM SORRY (I said) not looking at the persons face,I ran quickly and sighted the door to the store room,I quickly opened the door,entered and shut the door behind me,I located a corner behind some dusty drums and bursted into tears…

back in class…

maryjane's POV
I shouldn’t have left chioma with that fool,and why is she not here by now(as I glanced at my wrist watch),immediately I saw emeka entering the class,I quickly rushed to meet him..

mj:emeka emeka where is chioma(as I blocked his way),he looked at her seat and all over the class and back at me..

Emeka:I thought she already came to meet you na,she already left from downstairs…

mj:then why is she not here?,what did you tell her?,what did you do to her?(as I pulled him by his shirt),some boys and girls who were gisting left what they were doing and started looking at the drama we were creating..

Emeka:leave my shirt alone jor(as he pulled my hands away),don’t blame me where your friend went to,go look for he pushed me aside to join his friends..

guy wetin dey happen na(one of his friends asked him)as they shake hands with me…

Emeka:no mind that girl jare,you sure(the friend asked),

Emeka:see me see wahala oo,I say na nothing, oya abeg share the card make we play now(as they formed a circle)…

mj:where could chioma have gone?(I said within me),maybe she branched to the library, lemme quickly go check…

I quickly carried her bag from her chair along with my bag and quickly walked out of the class,before I left looked by the corner of my eyes and saw emeka looking at me, guy play now (one of his friends yelled at him)..

I had tears all over my face, my face was filled with sweat as my head started pounding with headache..

the door suddenly opened, I quickly hide behind one of the furnitures,hello(the voice called), are you in here?,it me Adams…

Chioma:Adams?,what is he doing here (I whispered), I know you can hear me, come out(he called),I quickly walked out of my hiding place and saw him more handsome than ever staring at me…

Adams: is everything alright?

Chioma:how did you find me here?(I asked in a confused face)

Adams: well I saw you running from the stairs and you bumped into me so I followed you here,I saw you crying,are you okay?(as he drew close to me)..

Chioma:am am fine pls it nothing (as I walked pass him to leave the room)..

Adams:no you’re not(as he held my hands),pls talk to me,I want to know why you’re crying,I can’t just watch you crying like this,pls talk to me as a friend (as he looked at me straight in the eye),we stared at each other for 5 second, I could see trust in his eyes,should I tell him?,the look in his brown eyes made me want to trust him,I felt like we had known each other for long,I opened my mouth to speak,suddenly door opened…

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