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for the last time who owns this underwear? (the principal said untop of his voice)
they all looked at their faces in confusion while some bursted into laughter,who is the owner of the pant ooo(a guy shouted)

Emeka's POV
God no be Isabella G-string this? (deep in though), I looked around to see if I could see her but the crowd was too much…
some boys were turning it to a joke by asking some girls, no be your pant be this?..

omo the girl wey wear this thing na bad girl oo(David said behind me)..

but my mind was somewhere else, my mind was still on corper tayo’s case…

Everybody keep quiet (the principal shouted)and they was silence..

Principal: I see the owner has refused to come out,we don’t know you but God in heaven sees you,such a person is a disgrace,you have now turned this school to a place you will be having sex am I right?,if you don’t repent now, greater punishment await you, you will surely reap what you sow, you all can go back to your class..
I joined the crowd as we walked up the stairs to our classes,I glanced around to see if I could find Isabella…

I walked to her class at the top floor and saw her with some group of girls discussing outside her class,immediately she saw me she ran quickly to me and pulled me behind a wall so that the girls will not see her with me…

Emeka what are you doing here?,what do you want?,we don’t have anything together anymore (she whispered)..

Emeka: chill calm down,just wanted to ask you a question?

Isabella: like what(already knows what I wanted to ask)

Emeka: Isabella is that not your under..shhh,keep your f-----g mouth shut(she whispered) as she looked around…

Emeka: how could you be so careless to forget your underwear on the floor at the library after we had sex(I said in whisper), how were you even comfortable not wearing anything underneath?

Isabella: wait did you come here to humiliate me or what?, now get the f--k out of my life,I regret the day I slept with you…

Emeka: don’t think you’re free,because I deleted that video in your presence doesn’t mean I don’t have it anywhere, if you pass your boundary I swear the whole school go watch nollywood(and I walk down the stairs with a smirk on my face)..

she just stood there watching me as I walked out of sight…

Chioma's POV
mj and I walked to the cafeteria to eat…

Chioma: Mj is that not the underwear we saw last week in the library after emeka and Isabella came out of the library?

Maryjane: chioma are you thinking what am thinking?, what if that G-string belongs to Isabella?

Chioma: that what came to my mind seff,if that is true then I think emeka is a beast to the call…

we ordered our food as I ordered for jollof rice,turkey,moimoi and fanta drink,mj ordered for jollof rice,fish,moimoi and coke…we scanned around the cafeteria for an empty seat and we found an empty seat…

while we were eating,we sighted emeka as he entered the cafeteria with 3 of his friends, they ordered for their plate of rice and located an empty table beside us,before he sat down our eyes met,he quickly removed his face and continue chatting with his friends, CAN I SEAT?,we both turned to look and saw a very cute guy staring at us with a plate of food on his hand,why does his face look familiar(I thought), sure you can (mj replied) he sat down and started eating his food without looking at us,I looked at his hair,his lips…mj quickly stepped on my feet under the table, I jerked to look at her,what?(I whispered), eat your food and stop looking (she demonstrated at me),ehhem(I coughed) to break the awkward silence between us,then I suddenly remembered why his face looks familiar, oh yes, he was the guy that saved me from those gang of rapist,sorry pls don’t I know you? (I asked him), he dropped his spoon,took a sip from his drink and looked at me with a smile, I thought you won’t remember me(he said)…
wow so you’re the one that saved me that night?,thank you soo much you have no idea what it means to me..

uhh,what is going on here(mj asked with a confused face),don’t worry I will tell you later…

anyway thank you girls for offering me a seat(as he stood up to leave),wait pls what your name(I asked him), he looked at me for a second, my name is Adams(as he walked out of the cafeteria..

so I attend the same school with this guy and I don’t know, I must know where his class is…

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