Addiction - S01 E48 (Story Episode)

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Emeka's POV (in the restroom)
God what have I done to myself?,is this how I ended my life?,I shouldn’t have had sex with her without condom yesterday,now am HIV positive,I can’t live like this, is this my punishment for my sins?I have to get tested quickly…

my phone started ringing…

I checked the caller and saw corper tayo on the screen…

Emeka:he..hello(I said shakily)

corper tayo:emeka is that you?(she whispered weakly),why is your voice low?

corper tayo:(cough), emeka am sorry,am sorry for interfering in your life and seducing you to have sex with me(as she bursted into tears)

Emeka:where are you and why not in school?

Corper tayo:after you left my house last night (coughs),I was about going to take my birth when I suddenly felt dizzy then I started vomiting, and I fainted,only for me to wake up on the hospital bed this morning,I looked around me and saw my ex boyfriend who dumped me after having sex with me,he stood by my side with tears on his face and said he came this morning to tell me something when he found me unconscious on the floor,he quickly brought me here to the hospital before he told me he is HIV positive that I should get tested, I did a test and the doctor gave me my result so i found out am pregnant and am also HIV positive…

pls you ne…(and the line hung up),

Emeka:hello?, hello?,can you hear me?,I checked my phone and found out that it disconnected already, hey God am dead(I shouted)with my hands on my head…

suddenly I heard the bell..

I quickly got up,cleaned my face on the sink before coming out of the rest room…

I saw some people running towards a direction,I quickly stopped a girl,hey pls where is everyone going?, the principal said everyone should meet at the assembly ground immediately.. (she said) as she ran off and join the crowd…
what could be so serious that he ordered everyone to the assembly ground,Bad Guy(I heard a familiar voice shouted),I turned to look and saw David with a huge grin on his face,baba where u dey since na?,I don dey find you for the girls restroom..

Emeka:you well at all?,out of the whole place na girls restroom you come find me..

David:you know say you be baba for the girls na,so no other place to find you than there na,anyway make we rush go hear wetin that short engine wan talk(as he held my shoulder)we jogged down the hall and entered the crowd where we can see where the principal was standing…

he stood with two other teachers by his side,one of them was wearing an handglove with a nylon tied on his other hand…

he waited for everywhere to quiet down before proceeding with his speech…

PRINCIPAL:good afternoon student(good afternoon sir,they chorused together), the reason why I called you all here is for something very important, we have tried our best to raise godly children with excellent behaviors,IFA hear(a guy shouted at the back as the students all bursted into laughter),who said that (the principal shouted to the role he heard the voice from),nobody answered, for the last time I said who said that?,(no reply),okay you don’t want to talk abi?,all of you from this role go on your knees,Mr dotun give everyone of them 20 strokes each(yeee they all shouted)you don’t want to talk abi?,oya fast,lie down (Mr dotun yelled at a tiny little girl he was about flog first…

excuse me sir it Charles (a girl shouted),who is Charles? (the principal said as he stretched his legs),they all pointed to him,

principal: is he the one?
yes sir(they all replied),

Mr dotun: look at his head like badagry cocunut(as they all roared with laughter)

principal: shh,keep quiet everyone now you Charles come out,you can all stand up…
he walked to the front… now dust your shoes(Mr dotun shouted), he looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing sandals…

Charles: but sir am wearing sandals not shoes,they all bursted in laughter(waam,he received a thunderous slap from Mr dotun),you want to be the next Ali baba abi,oya dust your shoes…

he bent to dust his shoes,WAAM(he received a stroke on his back)aish(he growled in pain)scratching his back…

dust your shoes(he shouted), hitting the cane on his head…
he finally received 20 strokes on his back before walking back to the crowd…

principal: now as I was saying before the interruption, I strongly believe we tried our best to train all of in the way of the lord,he paused for a sec before turning to face the teacher with the hand glove,

principal: pls open what in that nylon,
the teacher opened it and brought out a black G-string…

(ahhhh,the crowd shouted),he raised it up so everyone can see it..

now we saw this underwear in the library this morning, so I suggest it must have been here since on Friday..

we all stared at the underwear in shock as there were some white stains on it….

Principal: who among you girls owns this underwear?

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