Adanna - S03 E20 (Story Episode)

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Adanna: what is wrong with you?

Adaeze: nothing mum it just dosnt feel right.

Adanna: how?

Adaeze: what will you gain by killing him and he is my dad too my
responsibility i see how you miss your former love in the sex that you
want to sacrifice my dad for him do you even care what i want?

Adanna: Adaeze stop.

Adaeze: you dont care at all, all you care about is to bring back your
dead love.

Adanna: is for our own sake.

Adaeze: no not for our sake but for yours and yours alone, you dont
even care about me like my dad here.

Adanna: how?

Adaeze: even without him knowing am his daughter he helped me in
school and also help me settle down, i love their world they help
people and its easy and complex to live in unlike ours that i will be
alone after you raise your dead lover.

Adanna: Adaeze i command you get out of my way.

Adaeze: i wont you have to get through me to kill him.

Adanna: if thats what you want so be it.

I shift to the edge of the building we stand while Adanna and Adaeze
raise their hand up and a sword appear, they set and started fighting
serious fight, i dont know how Adaeze turn oh thats why she have been
silent since morning she wasnt okay with the plan at all, they fight
for minutes before Adanna beat her daughter mercilessly, she cut her
on her leg and hand then she throw her inside the sea, as Adanna face

“now where did we stop” as she said that a giant snake came and as she
wanted to swallow her she jump inside the river and came out in snake

Both of them started fighting inside the river snake to snake and
Adanna is really beating her daughter, they fight for a long time
assuming i know where else to go i would have escape a long time ago,
as they were fighting both of them enter the sea and never came out.

Suddenly Adaeze appear in human form and said.

Adaeze: you have to leave now.

Me: i dont know how there is no boat, i dont know where to go.

Adaeze: find away she will soon appear again.

She have not finish talking when she fly out from the sea at Adaeze
back and stab her with sword, adaeze open her mouth like dead person
while Adanna push the sword to burst out from her daughter stomach, as
Adaeze want to fall on the ground she manage to hold Adanna and they
fell together on the floor with Adaeze facing up and Adanna ontop her.

She was bleeding but she manage to say “use the chain” i quickly took
the hot chain and round it on Adanna’s neck, she push me away and
stood up burning to ashes step by step, she look me with pity on her
eyes as she turn to ashes, i ran to Adaeze and ask “what can i do to

Ada: just throw me inside the sea after i die, i love you papa.
I dont know why but tears started coming from my eyes, she cant even
talk again she just touch my face and die at once, i cry for her
before throwing her inside the sea,.

I sat ontop the building waiting for miracle to happen, three hours
later i saw someone that looks like Mercy coming paddling a canoe by
herself, when she came closer i was happy to see my baby hale and
sound, i jump inside the sea and swim to her, i enter the canoe and we
hug each others for long crying.

I took the paddle and started paddling home gently and safely, after
sometime our canoe rotate as if something is swimming under, i stood
up and saw a big giant snake around us,

Mercy: whats that again?

Me: dont worry i know her..
I continue paddling till we reach our destination i wasnt afraid again
because am with Mercy and also because a big snake is following me
guarding me, i hope you know who she is.

The End

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