Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E25 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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“Who could be knocking this early morning.. I stood up
from the bed,
only to meet lincoln at the door..

Lincoln: good morning

Me: good morning.

Lincoln: am expecting someone today..

And am having test at the same time..

Me: (confuse look)ok

Lincoln: i will love you to help keep her company till am

Me: no problem bro.. But how will i know when she’s

Lincoln: she will call you.

Me: ok no prob..

Lincoln: (stern look) guy abeg just help me keep her
company, na she
be my real girlfriend oh..

Me: you don’t trust me

Lincoln: i don’t oh.. Just keep her company.. Don’t near
her pls..

Me: no prob..

After some minutes he left for school,he drop his key
with me..

To my greatest surprise when i open the door.. Lo and
behold.. Tania
was stark unclad..

Me: what’s the meaning of this ?

Tania: meaning of what. ?

Me: what about if i had allow lincoln come in..

Tania: (s
xy* voice)i trust you.. You won’t

Me: anyway am going out pls help me lock the door
when you are through

Tania: (serious look)you better come here and dig me

Me: dig ko, burry ni.. I told you am going out..

For my mind, i just dey form hard to get.. Make she no
dey think say,
i too like toto.., my dickson don already tangba, it was
the jean
trouser am putting on that is hiding it…

Tania: pls na.. Even if it’s just 5minutes.. Have been
thinking about
you since saturday..

Me: it won’t exceed 5 minutes oh..

I stylishy walk to her.., in less than a minute am unclad
in front of her..

My dickson in her mouth.. She was sucking while i
was moaning and wrigling my waist..

I Pour after like 8minutes of

I quickly push her un the bed spread her leg.. I had
already place johny
head at the entrance… When she said stop..

Why did she tell me to stop ?
Did she want me to suck her too ?

Tania: (stern look)stop!!

Me: what happen?

Tania: did you still want to continue.

Me: why not

Tania: but it’s over 5minutes already.

Me: (smile) am only joking jhor
She smile and remove her hand, I spat on my palm and
rob it

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