Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E24 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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Show it..

Me: show it like ??

Caro: never mind

Me: shuuuu
What did she mean by that ?? Well we will all find out

I went to lincoln’s room… He narrated how he has been
feranmi just a week after he packed him.. I hail him and
we discuss
about other shits..

I left his room at past 8.. Caro had already cook, i ate
the food and
read for 1 hour..

I went to bed very early that night..

I woke up around 1 and caro head was on my chest…

I was surprise… Is this intentional or not ?

I lift her head of my chest, and went to the bathroom to
ease my self..

I came back she is not awake.. I climb the bed
back and back
where she’s facing..

Not up to 2minutes, she throw her hand around me… I
pretend that i
did not notice that, i started snoring immediately.. That i
did not
even know when i slept off.
I wake up the following morning she’s already dressing..

Me: good morning

Caro: good morning, how was your night ?

Me: fine.. And your ?

Caro: good, just someone change the position
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i place my head last night before i slept off..

Me: and who was that..

Caro: i don’t know..

Me: where did you place your head.

Caro: on my baby’s chest.
We both smile and she wink at me..

Caro: i wake up late.. So i could not cook.. I drop a
thousand naira
on the reading table for you.. Take care of your self with

Me: ok thank you.. Till when ?

Caro: till 6

Me: ok. Buy something for your baby when coming

Caro:alright i will do just that…

She left and this few words is ringing in my head..

“did i just call myself her baby..?
“so she put her head on my chest intentionally
“is this the love she’s talking about ?
“we are not blood, but won’t things got more
complicated for me..
“first it was sheyi, secondly tania, now caro.. Lord help
I was still in bed, when tania came in..

She was asking if there’s anything between me and
sheyi and why i did
not reply her messages.. I was answering her questions
when i heard
someone knocking door..

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