Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E03 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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In my mind, i was just thinking, So Caro Is a Talkative

Me: What did she told you?

Tania: Everything

Me: (Frown Face)Hah,
just brief me

Tania: She Told Me
You Are Here For the coming Post Utme, She Said You are a good rapper, You Support Arsenal, And So On

Me: She did not tell me
anything about You

Taina: Dont Worry, She Will, But Theres One Thing I Notice

Me & Caro: Whats that ?

Tania: She Did not tell me you like Boobs, Because you have been starring at my Breast since.

She giggled after that statement, I was Ashamed, She Caught Me Off Guard.

Have been scanning her from her Head to Toe.

But Caro Quickly come to My Rescue..

Caro: Miss breast,
Pls go to your room.

Pls dont corrupt my brother.. Caro said jokingly.

Afterall i get breast too, if he want to look, he we look at mine

Tania: is it that small thing you are calling breast ?

Caro: Is it that Water
Melon, You are also calling breast

Tania: Yes, Ofcouse

Caro: Omo forget small Breast is the Best..

To be Continued…

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