Adanna - S03 E13 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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After her bath she dressed up and prepare tea and bread for me to use as
break fast telling me when she reurns she will cook better something
for us to eat.

Me: so when are u coming back?

Mercy: latest 12 or before 1.

Me: u go tey na wetin i want they do here when u commot?

Mercy: do you want to follow me to school?

I think about it for some minutes then i said no because there are
things to round up and i believe my lady might visit me maybe to
punish me for failing to kill her.
Oh well i didnt actually fail because i tried to kill her but an
unknown force magnet my hand in air.

Me: no i will just stay back and wait for your return.

Mercy: okay then when are you even going back?

Me: very soon when you return we will talk.

Mercy: okay then take care sweetheart.

She kissed me on my cheecks before leaving and as expected she dress
like someone afraid of beautiful or sexy clothes, what do you expect
shes a member of lords chosen.

She left me alone at home, i didnt know what to do but am expecting
Adanna because i believe she must show.

I stood up and check the stuff she prepared for me, i open the tea to
drink but when i percieve the odour i ran out of the room apartment to

I didnt know what happen does it mean i cant take the tea now or what?

I enter inside the room again only to see madam Adaeze standing close
to window smiling, i walk in and shut the door very well and face her.

Me: what did you do to me?

Adaeze: what does it look like?

Me: dont answer me with questions am not afraid of you anymore any
which way i will still die.

Adaeze: good you know you will die but do you want your people to join you?

Mentioning of my people anger me that i walk up to her and hold her shoulders.

Me: leave my people out of this.

Adaeze: of course i will only if you behave.

She freed herself from my grip and walk to the bed to sit down.

Adaeze: you didnt kill her again what happened?

Me: i dont know a force hold my hand in air.

Adaeze: you expect me to believe that?

Me: thats what happened do you really think i will refuse my mistress?

Adaeze: oh well that depends.

Me: depend on what?

Adaeze: that i cant say, come to bed i need to feel you inside me (she
said and open her legs wide for me to see her sweet pussi, she wore
white short skirt like rag and a long sleeves).

Me: i wont.

Adaeze: come to bed now ( she repeat and started doing like snake
seducing me, she lick her left finger and then insert it inside her
pussi and then she started manipulating herself and also maoning, i
didnt blick but my d--k stand at attention, i didnt know when i walk
to her and fall her on the bed and start fvcking her.

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