Adanna - S03 E12 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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I took the knife and walk closer to where she was taking her shower, i
open the cutton and saw her using sponge to wash her body but she cant
see me because she is facing the wall and more over she cant open her
eyes because of the soap on her eyes,
i look her beautiful body from head to toe thinking why i want to end
her, i enjoyed her body i enjoyed everything about her so i will just
kill her like that in a cold blood, as i raise the knife up to slice
her throat i started crying and my hand started shaking, it was like
something is moving on my head because head started paining me
badly, but i wont stop and i must complete my mission, i raise it up
again and wanted to strike but i stop and as i wanted to drop the
knife because i cant kill her, Adanna appear on my back with white

Adanna: kill her now.

When she said that word i raise the knife up and this time without any
force stopping me i stabbed her.


as i wanted to stab her my hands hang on the air and i tried to move
it but i cant then she said.

Mercy: Ozila whats that.

I didnt know what to say and she bend down and started using water to
wash her face to see whats going on so i quickly release my hand and

the knife fell on the ground, i match it with my leg but still i cant
move my hand.

She open her face and saw me standing there smiling.

Mercy: baby what are you doing here?

Me: i miss you so much that i cant help it but to stare.

Mercy: and why are you raising your hands up like that as if you want
to catch something.

Me: i wanted to hold you before you turn.

Mercy: hahaha you want to join me (she took my hands from the air and
use it to touch her cheecks, ) am sorry i cant do anything am fasting
and i need to remain holy.

Me: i understand sweetheart.

Mercy: good so get out of here let me finish bathing.

Me: yes my love.

I bend down and took the knife without she knowing and then i walk to
the room and lay on the bed again what happen, i have failed and my
mistress wont be happy at all, this is bad so i cant kill her now
eeeh, shes fasting the only way i can succed is to make her commit sin
by sleeping with her and then i struck

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