Adanna - S03 E09 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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I saw the person coming like an angel or rather demon choose any one
you want but know that am surrounded by demon.
The person came nearer and nearer but i didnt see her face before i
passed out but i know the person is a female.


i wokeup and saw myself in a room surrounded by mirrors, there is no one here
there is no window nor door all i see is my reflection from the mirror, my
left to my right all i see i myself.
The hall is big and mighty but i dont know how i got here.
i shouted, when i said hello i heard my echo more than ten times, i
stood in the middle of the hall and started looking round, looking

myself in the mirror, there is something i observe, as i was turning
around i remain still in all of the mirror, then i walk closer to one
and look myself very well, i touch the mirror and my reflection touch
the mirror too, i demonstrate and my reflection demonstrate too.

“where am i?” i ask no one in particular, there is no door nor window
i dont know what to do, then i look at the mirror at my left hand and
saw myself bleeding in my nose, i walk over to the mirror and touch it,
i look myself on other mirrors i saw that am perfectly fine, i started
wondering whats going on.
I look my right hand side and saw myself on another mirror smiling and
waving me good bye, i walk over there and saw myself smiling and
waving my hand goodbye, i dont understand this puzzle at all.

I was still thinking whats going on when the mirror that i saw myself
smiling started cracking, i move away from there so that it wont
injure me, but nowhere to run to because all the mirror started
cracking till they all crash and fell on my body.


i wokeup from that same spot where i landed when I crash down, i look at
my body and saw that am perfectly fine, i saw some blood on my shirt
but i know that it because of the injury i sustain during the
incident, when i took my phone to check time i saw through the mirror lots of blood in my mouth.

I wipe my mouth and saw that the blood was much, like someone gave me
blood to drink but who might that be and what happen to my hand, leg and
head that i injured?

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