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You need to focus Greg’ Morgan wondered why his friend would be driving and fiddling with his phone.

‘I just sent the money back, so get set, we’re taking my company back’ Greg winked as they both marched towards his lawyers.

Minutes later, Greg’s team of lawyers walked into the office.

‘Mr. Beecroft, so pleased to meet you’ the eldest of them welcomed Greg.

‘Thanks, Professor Bill, I am here to take back my company’ Greg dropped the files and the recorder on the table.

‘About that, like I told you before, there is nothing much we can do, we are still looking….’ He trailed off as Greg cut in.

‘Just take a look at that will you’? Greg pointed to the table.

There was shock first on the lawyer’s face, followed by relief ‘Where did you get this’?

‘Doesn’t really matter? What’s the next step’? Greg asked.

‘Now we have substantial evidence, we could sue your father and your brother and they could end up in jail for a really long time or we could show this evidence to them and you’re given back your position’ the lawyer replied.

‘What do you want Mr. Beecroft’? The lawyer asked.

‘Keep my father out of this, Nathan is the one I want in jail; it is his voice in that recording and he was the one that forged my signature’ Greg replied.

‘But your father tricked you into signing those papers, he needs to be punished too’ the lawyer said.

‘He is old, I guess Nathan must have fed him lies about me and that’s the reason he pressured me into getting married; just deal with Nathan’ Greg insisted on keeping his father out of the lawsuit.

‘Okay then, work begins now, get across to Silas’ lawyers’ Professor Bill snapped his fingers at his subordinates.

‘One more thing Mr. Beecroft, it would take just a few days or a week tops for you to take back your position and have your name cleared, is that okay’?

‘Thanks for doing this; I have to go now’ Greg shook hands with his lawyer and left.

‘I can’t believe it is over’ Morgan laughed and hugged his friend.

‘It is. Like a dream’ Greg laughed, he couldn’t wait to see the look on Nathan’s face once he found out he had been defeated.

‘So do you mind if we stop at a bar and celebrate’? Greg was excited; he couldn’t wait to see the look on his father’s face.

‘Sure, where do you think’? Morgan affirmed.

‘The new lounge’ Greg shrugged.

‘Fine by me’ Morgan fetched his phone and resumed his chat with Alex.

‘You really love her don’t you’? Greg glanced at him.

‘More than, after I got my heart broken, I didn’t think I’d find love again’ Morgan was all smiles as she went on and on about his blissful relationship with Alex.

‘Good for you. Love makes people weak, clouds their judgment’ Greg aired his opinion.

Love had turned his mother into a fragile and broken person; there was nothing like “love” in his world.

‘Don’t say that bro, you are only speaking this way because you have never been in love before’ Morgan offered his rebuttal.

‘Um, remind me again what love is’? Greg snorted and rolled his eyes.

‘Love doesn’t have a fixed definition; it could be many things to different people. Love could be a feeling; a smile that lightens your whole world; the color of her eyes or the smell of her hair. Love makes you thrilled and wanting; your thoughts are consumed by the very person you love’ Morgan explained.

‘You’re really in love Morgan’ Greg laughed.

‘I read that from a book’ Morgan chuckled.

They fell silent as they reached the lounge.

Morgan’s words haunted him, “Love is the color of her eyes or the smell of her hair. It makes you thrilled and wanting, you thoughts are consumed by the very person you love”.

‘Come on now, we’re here, I hope they don’t make us wear masks today’ Morgan slipped from the car.

‘Right behind ya’ Greg called to him.

His eyes strayed to the spot where he had made love with Amanda that night; he noticed the flowers were gone; a tent had been erected there.

His heart warmed as he remembered the strawberry scent of her hair; her beautiful smiled that always made her sapphire eyes to dance; her tall and shapely body.

He realized he had done all he could. From firing her, to paying her off yet still, she plagued his thoughts.

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