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Wendy dragged herself out of bed; it had been a terrible night for her; seeing Greg all over the news and allegations of money laundering that had put dirt on his name made her disappointed.

Well, she knew Greg was many things, but a thief?

‘I don’t really know him well’ she reminded herself as she stared at the mirror and then to her bruised knuckles.

‘Shit’ she turned on the tap and quickly washed her face.

In all fairness, she was a good woman and had stood beside Greg when he got into trouble; she had always painted a good image of him after he got himself drunk and snapped at parties; but she was done playing his guardian angel.

Greg had ceased to be the man of her dreams when he lost the position of C.E.O of the Beecroft softwares empire. What need did she have for him now?

Her hands moved swiftly to her belly; she grinned and rushed to the bathroom. It was time to let Greg go.

As the water rushed over her red curls, she took a trip down memory lane; she remembered the good times she had spent with him; she remembered how he had won so many awards.

It was his hard work and position of authority that had drawn her to him in the first place; she was done with Greg now, he was nothing to her. All her efforts to get married to him was ended.

‘Wendy’? Her mother called as she stepped out of the bathroom.

‘Mother’! She was startled.

‘Sorry, I barged in on you like that, I am curious though, are pregnant women supposed to drink? Why do you keep taking decisions that are irresponsible? Why do you want to harm that child’? Elena had found some beer bottles in the sink.

Her husband didn’t drink and neither did she. It had to be Wendy.

‘Hey mum, let’s not start. What I do to myself is my business’ Wendy blushed, she had been caught.

‘Is that all you can say? I am calling Greg right now’ Elena dropped the bottles and rushed out Wendy’s room.

‘Come on mum, you don’t have to. I…I am really sorry I lied about everything’ her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

‘Lied about what’? Elena arched a brow.

‘I am not pregnant. I never was. It was my only shot in tying Greg down’ she sobbed.

‘Oh my God Wendy, how could you do something like that’? Elena was grossly disappointed.

‘I know I did wrong but I thought it was best’ she cried.

‘And in this stupid plan of yours? What was supposed to happen if Greg had finally married you and discovered you were never pregnant’? Elena asked.

‘I don’t know. I am really sorry mother; all my life I built it around him but seeing his name on media like that, it ruined everything. Even if his name is salvaged, how long would that take? Besides, I doubt if Greg really likes me that much. I am sorry for lying to you’ she sobbed.

‘I know you are, but you have to fix this. Greg deserves to know the truth’ Elena replied and walked away.

Wendy was speechless as she watched her mother leave; her eyes strayed to her bruised knuckles a second time, her mother’s words kept ringing in her ears: “You have to fix this”.

Greg could’ve sworn Trudy had just fed him with water as the liquid felt so; he started feeling slightly better; his eyes strayed to the files and the recording device she fetched from her bag.

‘What are you doing’? He asked.

‘Saving your life from your crazy and self centered brother’ Trudy replied.

‘I don’t understand, how do you know my brother’? Greg rose to his feet.

‘It’s going to be hard for you to forgive me Greg but I don’t need your forgiveness, I am not doing this for you but for me’ Trudy replied.

‘What are you talking about’? He still wasn’t on the same page with her.

‘Nathan and I have been dating long before I met you at the club; our meeting was a set up, Nathan wanted me to get close to you so we could bring down your image before people’ Trudy confessed.

‘That’s not possible, why’? The effects of the liquor loosened their hold on him.

‘Nathan has always been envious of you, he wanted Beecroft for himself and he felt your father had more trust in you than him, so he worked with me to pull you down; look at these’ she fetched some photographs from the file.

‘Where did you get this’? Greg stared at the pictures of him drunk, those same pictures had been leaked to the media long ago.

‘I was the one who spiked your drinks and took the snapshots, please listen carefully’ Trudy begged as she played the voice recorder and all her conversation the last time with Nathan were heard by Greg.

NATHAN’S VOICE: “High level forgery, that’s all you need to know. I have planned this for a long time since I came. I got Greg’s signature the day he signed the papers my father tricked him to. I studied and reproduced it. There’s nothing Greg or anyone could say to absolve him. I am happy it worked, now the company is rightfully mine” Nathan poured himself a drink.

TRUDY’S VOICE: “Um, so I met Greg today, he said he would call; should I go on with our plan”?

His hands shook as he replayed the audio file; this was unbelievable; Nathan was even more dangerous than he’d thought.

‘Why are you doing this? I could turn you in as an accomplice’? Greg’s eyes shot up, he was visibly angry and he felt betrayed.

‘Because you won’t. I helped expose your brother, he should be the one in jail not me’ Trudy jumped to her feet.

‘What second plan was that’? Greg had heard a mention of s second plan in the recording.

‘You don’t need to know Greg. Just take this recording and all the evidences I have dropped here and get back your company. Goodbye’ she blew him a kiss and made for the door.

‘Why are you doing this? Helping me’? Greg asked.

‘I loved your brother Greg; he made me sleep with you; frame you and all that because he promised he would always love me, now and forever but he never really did love me; he was just using me’ Trudy replied.

Nathan was in love with Amanda, the girl she had seen in Greg’s office and she hated betrayal very much; when she loved, she loved with her soul. She wasn’t a fool, Nathan had treated her like one and that was what had hardened her.

He didn’t deserve her or any other woman for that matter; she had made up her mind about Nathan and there was no turning back especially now that she had exposed him.

‘Then you really have to get far from here, I could just change my mind and turn you over to the Feds’ Greg said to her.

‘Take care Greg’ Trudy waved and rushed out of the house, Greg could make good of his threats and that’s why she had to run as possible.

‘Shit! I got this! I am free’ Greg jumped on his feet; he couldn’t wait to see the look on Nathan’s face and his dad, who for the records he was never going to forgive.

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