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She arrived Beecroft fifteen minutes later; she hurried straight to Gwen’s desk; she didn’t have much time to spend there.

‘Mandy! Thank God you came, you can have your duties back’ Gwen sighed and pushed the cage closer to her.

‘Duties? I don’t understand you’ Amanda widened her eyes.

‘Of course, I thought you got your job back, start making coffee! Do something around her’ Gwen exclaimed.

‘I am sorry, I cannot work here anymore, I came here to take the rabbit; I’ll keep in touch Gwen’ Mandy waved at her.

‘Hey wait. Is this about Greg? You could work with his brother, he has beautiful eyes and he seems he would be really nice’ Gwen winked.

‘I don’t know Gwen; I just feel I need another job aside personal assistant’ Amanda returned. She couldn’t tell Gwen about Nathan’s freaky nature and how he had been instrumental to her job loss the first time.

‘Alright then, have fun, we’ll keep in touch’ Gwen had made a friend in Amanda and she was really going to be missed.

‘We’ll keep in touch, goodbye Mandy’ Gwen waved as she trotted out of the building with bunny Lucy.

‘Bye Gwen’ she sighed as she stepped into the elevator, her heart stopped as she found Nathan right in there.

‘Nathan…Good morning’ she forced a smile and hoped he wasn’t going to kiss her again.

‘Princess, you look beautiful, have you come to work? That office is really dirty, my brother was a total pig’ Nathan wiggled his nose.

‘Um, not sure about that Nathan; I have a new job’ she lied, that was the only logical explanation she could make.

‘Another job? Don’t kid yourself; the best job you could ever hope for is right here and you really need the money’ he said.

‘Excuse me’? Amanda shook her head.

‘Did I say something wrong? Or you don’t wanna work here anymore because Greg is no longer the boss’? Nathan scoffed.

‘Your brother fired me even before you got here’ Amanda replied.

‘That doesn’t matter, you should be working with me now. I promise to treat you better’ Nathan reassured her.

‘I am sorry Nathan, it’s over for me’ she replied.

‘I really love you Amanda and I want us to be together’ he switched topics.

She rolled her eyes and wondered when she was going to reach her destination.

‘Did you hear me’? He was thrilled to stand beside his princess.

‘I heard you Nathan and I don’t feel the same way. I am sorry’ she rushed out of the elevator.

‘Greg’ Nathan’s eyes glowed darkly. She was in love with Greg; she had chosen Greg over him.

‘I’ll make sure he pays’ he fetched his phone and texted Trudy, she was yet to give him feedback on what had transpired between her and Greg; he needed answers; he needed results.

NATHAN: You aren’t taking your calls? Should I have a reason to be worried?

TRUDY: Not at all. Greg has not returned my calls either.

NATHAN: Find a way and get that shit into his system.

TRUDY: Of course. I’ll work it out today.


TRUDY: I love you Nate, You mean everything to me.

NATHAN: I love you too.

‘I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally sees him for the junkie he truly is’ Nathan chuckled.

She was going to come back to him; crawling and begging on her knees and he would accept her back and f--k her till he was done with her. Only then would his desires be sated and his heart would yearn for another blonde.

After Morgan had left his house; he couldn’t resist the urge to take another glass; one thing led to the other and he had more than three glasses.

‘The aftermath’ Greg groaned and leapt out of bed. His head throbbed like a thousand needles had pricked it. His eyes were puffy and his vision was blurred. He couldn’t feel his legs though he was well aware of his surroundings.

He sighed and drew a deep breath; Morgan had been right, taking too much alcohol was never the way to solve a problem; it further aggravated it.

He managed to reach his kitchen; he had told his housekeepers to keep off for some days as he needed time alone to process everything that had happened to him.

He pulled open the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water, he really needed this to quench his intoxication.

As he gulped the chilled water, he realized he had dreamt about a woman; she was faceless but not nameless; though wine had blurred his fantasy vision, he could swear he’d kissed Amanda Atkins in his dream.

‘I’m coming’! He yelled as his doorbell rung. He was sure Morgan had come to check up on him.

‘What are friends for’? Greg chuckled and pulled open the door. It was Trudy.

‘Perfect timing, now where were we’? Her eyes danced as she scanned the house to be sure he as alone.

‘Trudy? Now is not a good time’ Greg started to argue.

‘Oh, I see you’re wasted, I have a drink that would help you with the hangover; clear the headaches and make you feel your legs’ she fetched a vial from her bag.

‘Really? Come in then’ truth be told, that was what he really needed right now.

‘Yea’ Trudy joined him inside.

Without hesitation, he pulled open the vial and poured down the contents of it into his mouth.

‘What’s that taste’? Greg was confused.

‘It’s all you need to stay calm’ Trudy moved closer to him and fetched a recording device from her bag.

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