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‘It’s like a bad dream and I am stuck in it’ Greg groaned.

‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do’ Morgan said as he walked towards the cellar.

‘Hey, stop. I don’t need philosophy or life lesson’s tonight’.

‘Okay whatever, let’s talk about something else; I see, the mess was cleaned’ Morgan noticed the spot where he’d found broken bottles.

‘Yes. I told you, not thieves, just a mistake’ Greg replied.

‘I am curious though, apart from yourself, who else can access your house in your absence’? Morgan asked.

‘Um, Wendy. She is my girlfriend and I do trust her; never had a reason to doubt her’ Greg supplied.

‘Really? I guess it wasn’t a burglar anyway’ Morgan returned.

‘Hey, I can’t find my wallet and my mother’s picture, have you seen anything like that’? Greg asked.

He still wondered if someone as pretty as Amanda could be a klepto.

‘No’ Morgan shook his head.

‘Wendy told me she looked Amanda up and found out she had a mental illness, she is a kleptomaniac’ Greg said.

‘Are you implying she stole your wallet and your mother’s picture? That’s really weird, why would you assume that’? Morgan raised his brow.

‘Well what do you expect me to believe? I noticed the picture was missing the day I sent her on an errand in my car’ Greg replied.

‘That’s not enough reason to suspect her, what if Wendy felt insecure and decided to cook up a lie’? Morgan differed.

‘I don’t think she would do something like that’ Greg trusted Wendy.

‘Well, my girlfriend just shared something disturbing about your Wendy and it seems she is capable of anything’.

‘What did she do’? Greg wondered.

‘According to Alex, she went over Amanda’s house but couldn’t find her; so she lashed out on her mother; called her lame and all sort of mean names and asked Amanda particularly to stay away from you else she’d pay. Who does that’? Morgan trusted Alex enough to know she wasn’t lying.

‘Shit! Why would Wendy do something like that’? He tried to reason out answers.

If she had done this before the time she found him kissing Amanda, it would’ve made total sense; but it didn’t.

Maybe Wendy was not so innocent after all.

His phone buzzed another time, he picked it up; Trudy was calling.

‘Not the time Trudy’ he turned off his phone and focused on Morgan.

‘Yea, you should really talk to her when she comes; I am a little bit concerned though; Wendy would not act that way if something wasn’t up. Be honest, is there something you’re not telling me about Amanda? I wouldn’t judge you, I like her myself’ Morgan encouraged him to speak.

‘Nothing’ Greg lied. How could he tell his friend the passion they both had shared that night? How could he unveil such a special moment; now he thought about it, he was awed that girls like Amanda still existed. She was a virgin and he had been the one to tear down her innocence and invade her ash cloud.

‘Greg’? Morgan called.

‘Nothing’! Greg released a breath.

A smile twitched the corner of his lips as he remembered the way he had kissed her in the open; he always lost control when she was around him; this feeling was alien to him.

He had never felt this way with Wendy or any other woman.

‘Just stay strong bro, everything would be alright and by all means, avoid television and social media. You know how the media tends to blow stories out of proportion?

‘Thanks Morgan. Thanks a lot’ Greg felt happy he had such a good friend

The night wind was soft and gentle; it blew away all her pain and confusion and propelled her to the land of her dreams.

There he was dressed in a faded jean and a dark brown shirt that matched the color of his eyes.

‘Greg? What are you doing here’? She rushed up to meet him.

It was just like that night at the lounge; the familiar scent and ceremony of flowers married them and they stood in the middle of the colorful field.

‘Greg’? She called again but he said nothing, he simply stared at her and then back to the skies.

‘You see up there darling’? He fetched her hand and lifted it to the skies.

‘Yes. I do’ Amanda nodded.

‘You’re like them. A star, bright and special’ he smiled and curled his arms round her shoulder.

‘Do my eyes twinkle too’? She sniggered.

‘Yes they do, they glow like diamonds and the call out my name to kiss you’ Greg replied and pulled her in for a kiss.

‘I love you’ she laughed.

‘I love you too’ he replied and adored her lips with his’.

‘D--n’ she sat up as the shrill cry of the alarm clock had woken her up.

‘What a dream’ she pressed a hand against her chest. She felt alive anytime she thought about him; what if there was no other man for her except for Greg?

No, there had to be; she couldn’t tie herself to him; she was just having a crush and it would fade with time.

She ran through her messages. Her first call for the day was to return Greg’s money and start a job hunt immediately.

‘What now Gwen’? She scanned through the message.

Gwen couldn’t stop complaining about Greg’s pet bunny; she guessed she would pick it up on her way after all she had been the one who had purchased it.

She took a shower, got dressed and hurried out of the house before her mother could stop her.

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