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You need to stop watching that, you’d get yourself more depressed; and what’s with all the ice cream anyway? You need to stay strong for the baby’ Elena turned off the television.

‘I can’t believe this Mum, I have tried Greg severally but he is not taking my calls. I hope this is not true; my whole life would be ruined’ tears rolled down Wendy’s eyes.

‘Honey. Silas is a man of his word; he must have a good reason for handing Beecroft to Nathan; I assure you sweetheart. Your father called him and he confirmed this news, but this does not affect you wedding plans with Greg does it’? Elena felt a slight change in her daughter.

‘No…No’ Wendy cried.

‘Good. So, you need to stay strong; this is the time where true love matters most; you need to stand by him no matter what happens and eating ice cream and sobbing is not going to help you’ Elena took a seat next to her child and wrapped her hands all over her.

‘Thank you mum, I wish this were a dream’ Wendy cried.

All her life she had dreamt for a man like Greg; hard working, successful; self made and hot; now she almost had him.

She had almost grabbed him by the tip of fingers till this happened.

All her plans for the future; the castles she built in the air had crumbled; and what about all the hard work and time she had invested in their relationship?

‘So, are you still giving Beecroft 10% of your money? I thought that deal was centered on I and Greg being together’ Wendy stared at her mother’s face, searching for answers.

‘Maybe, we are not sure yet, what do you think’? Elena asked.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care; I am just worried about Greg and what he must have done to piss off his dad’ Wendy wiped her face.

‘We would never have the answer to that; maybe you should go see Greg later’ Elena suggested.

‘Sure. I am gonna see him’ Wendy sighed. It was time to face reality.

‘Don’t worry, you and Lucy would be fine’ Elena smiled. She couldn’t wait to have her

Greg was still yet to believe his dad had acted on his promises to hand over his position to Nathan.

‘It happened so fast, I have been set up and I don’t know what to do; I have spoken with my lawyers; they have seen the documents. All are receipts for money transfer into an account with my name; it’s not making sense’ Greg explained to his friend Morgan.

‘Your account? Did you explain this to your dad’? Morgan asked thoughtfully.

He had known Greg since their teenage years; he knew what he was capable of, money laundering wasn’t one of them. Nathan must have done something to set Greg up and he was going to do everything possible to help Greg out of this situation.

‘He didn’t give me time to explain; I know my signature is on the documents, I don’t even know how it got there; someone is setting me up and my own father is now willing to believe me’ Greg poured himself a bottle of scotch. Only liquor could drown his pain and frustration.

‘You’ll be fine Greg, we’ll get to the root of this; Give me a minute, I have high profile trackers, they would send us the information we would work with. Keep away from your father as your lawyers advised; we would find all that we need’ Morgan moved away from him to make the call.

‘This better works out’ Greg’s phone buzzed.

It was Wendy.

WENDY: Honey, I heard what happened and I am so sorry.

GREG: Thanks. How are you holding up? How’s baby Lucy?

WENDY: Okay.

GREG: So about the wedding, are you sure you want to marry me now? I am not the most eligible bachelor in town.

WENDY: Hmm, I think I would come over tomorrow and we would talk about that.

GREG: Alright. Take care of you. Goodnight.

WENDY: Night.

‘It’s done, I have asked them to track that strange account okay? Just be calm, I am with you’ Morgan returned.

He noticed Greg was smiling.

‘What’s it’? He thought the liquor had gotten into his friend.

‘I have a feeling Wendy is out’ Greg scoffed as he ran his eyes over their chat.

‘Why? Did she say so’?

‘Not that she said it. She always ends our chat with “I love you. Kisses”, tonight, she just said “Night”. I’ll be so thrilled if that were the case’ Greg sighed to Morgan’s chagrin.

‘I thought you had made up your mind about her, you’re way too indecisive’ Morgan shook his head.

‘With everything going on now, marriage is the last thing on my mind. I need to sort myself out’ Greg replied and poured himself another glass.

‘You have to be strong. A baby is coming and you don’t need this. You’ve had enough’ Morgan took both the bottle and the glass away from him.

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