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So Nathan Beecroft would be taking over from his brother for some reasons known to me. He is more capable and trustworthy. Thanks for your time, ladies and gentlemen. This is not debatable. Have a nice day”.

He froze at the entrance of the massive conference hall; maybe he had not heard his father well.

‘Dad’ he rushed up to meet him.

‘This is neither the time nor place Greg. I gave you enough time to prove yourself but you didn’t; You called my bluff but Nathan is taking over; you’re no longer needed’ Silas moved out of the hall with his team of lawyers.

‘But I want to marry Wendy on my thirty first birthday, you cannot do this; I have worked really hard for this company and i have more plans to take us global’ Greg felt frustrated and slammed his palms the wall.

‘You think this is about Wendy? Wake up Greg; stop leaving a false life; I don’t ever want to set eyes on you again. If you’re done here, you can clear your table and leave’ Silas replied in a stern voice.

When Nathan had shown him the files; he had first consulted his lawyers and they confirmed it was original and Greg had been stealing from the company.

‘At least, tell me what my crime is, since this is not about Wendy’ Greg asked.

‘You stole lots of money from the company Greg; are you satisfied now’? Silas asked.

‘Hello brother, Amanda would be working for me now’ Nathan winked.

‘Bastard’ Greg grit his teeth, something wasn’t right. His father and brother had set him up once again.

‘I thought so’ Silas had waited for an answer but he got none.

‘I can’t believe you’d lay me off like that’ Greg felt deeply hurt that he was dismissed unceremoniously.

‘Go home Greg’ Silas replied.

Amanda joined her friend in the car, she was still unsure about telling Alex about everything with Greg.

‘So spit it out, what’s wrong with you? I didn’t want to say anything in front of your mother’ Alex snapped her fingers.

‘I don’t understand Alexandria, I am perfectly fine. Trust me’ Amanda smiled.

‘Seriously? You just called me Alexandria; you only do that when you are nervous. If I may ask, why are you nervous? Is there something you are hiding from me’? Alex stared at her with great intensity.

‘Um, no…Uh, I can’t do this, I feel so horrible’ Amanda fidgeted.

‘Hey, come on, you can tell me anything. I have shared my worst secrets with you and you never judged me; if you cannot trust me with things that bother you, then I may have to question our friendship’ Alex felt hurt that Amanda would keep something away from her.

They’d been friends for two years; two years was long enough to earn someone’s trust and reliance.

‘I didn’t mean it like that Alex, you’ve been a wonderful friend’ Amanda exhaled, she felt terrified; words clogged her throat.

‘So what’s stopping you from telling me’? Alex asked.

‘I slept with Greg at the Lounge’! Amanda blurted out and then she broke into tears.

‘Oh my God, did he’? Alex couldn’t say the word.

‘No! He didn’t rape me, it was consensual and I really liked it, is that bad? I feel bad because he has Wendy and he doesn’t feel the same for me’ Amanda realized she was pouring out her whole heart to Alex and she felt better.

Alex’s face brightened as she watched her friend speak; she realized that she had been wrong the whole time. Amanda had fallen in love with a guy at the club, that guy wasn’t Nathan; he was Greg.

‘Why are you smiling? You should be crying with me, my heart is broken Alex. I feel stupid, he kissed me again; it felt so real and beautiful but who am I kidding? He has someone and he can never be with someone like me’ she eyed herself briefly.

‘Hey, I am happy because you are in love; this is your first love Amanda. Not many people have the ability or capacity to fall in love. What if Greg likes you too? Why do you think he fired you? All the hostility? Maybe he is avoiding it, maybe he is scared’ Alex explained.

‘Scared? Why would Greg Beecroft be scared’? Amanda felt hopeful.

‘You know, we tend to judge such highly placed men and women in the higher echelon harshly; everyone has fears; his could be love. From the way your mother described Wendy, I doubt if any sane man would love such a piece of crap’ Alex replied.

‘Aw, I just love the way you put it, but you don’t have to treat me with kid gloves; you don’t have to say all these nice things to make me feel better; I made that choice to make love with Greg; I allowed to kiss me and this is where it landed me. I’ll be fine’ Amanda reassured herself, but deep down she was worried.

She had never felt this way for any man before. She had never dreamt and thought of just one person, like the way she dreamt and thought about Greg.

‘Good. I and Morgan made up’ Alex announced.

‘Cheers! That’s good news, now can you tell me why you broke up in the first place, because you never really did’?

‘Excuse me; I have to take this’ Alex placed her phone against her ear, Morgan was calling.

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