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Silas and Nathan trotted into the building, living Wendy and Greg to sort themselves.

‘Greg! I can’t believe this, you told me you had fired her, what was that b---h doing here’? Wendy almost clawed his throat.

‘We can do this here Wendy, you don’t want us to be on the news, so let’s go talk in my office’ Greg dragged her along.

She felt deeply hurt that he would kiss Amanda; it means he was still cheating and unrepentant.

Once they reached his office, he shut the door and pulled her in.

‘I am sorry Wendy, it was a mistake; I swear I wanna be with you and our child; I want us to be happy’ Greg apologized.

‘I can’t accept that, how do I know you aren’t lying to me’? Wendy asked.

‘Um, I have fixed a date for our wedding, on my birthday, we would get married’ he announced, hoping this would quench the fire he’d ignited by kissing Amanda.

‘Are you serious’? Wendy jumped on her feet. She was extremely excited.

‘I need to call my mother, so she can kick off the wedding plans’ Wendy fetched her phone and then stopped.

This was the time to pay Amanda back in her own coin.

‘How much do you know about Amanda’? She asked Greg.

‘Um, fifty percent? I know that she is hardworking for one, what’s that’? He asked.

‘Okay, I know I wasn’t supposed to look her up but I did; from the first time I set eyes on her, I felt this dark energy emanating from her…’.

‘Get to the point Wendy’ Greg was getting impatient, he wondered why his father had come.

‘I found out that she has some mental health challenge; I even have a photocopy of her history, but I left it at home’ Wendy said.

‘And’? Greg wondered where this led.

‘She is a kleptomaniac Greg, you need to be careful around her. Kleptos are not to be trusted, you know that right’? She asked.

‘Are you saying that she has light fingers’? Greg adjusted his tie.

‘Yes. Just be careful, you may notice things missing from your office, just know she took them; they’re like addicts, but their drug is stealing. I have to go now, see you later baby’ she placed a kissed on his shocked face.

She realized that her works affected him the way she desired.

‘Thanks Wendy’ he replied.

He fetched his phone and hurriedly dialed Gwen; was Gwen aware that Amanda was a kleptomaniac?

First, his mother’s picture was missing, the picture had always been in the car till he gave it to her on the day he’d sent her on an errand.

Secondly, he had not found his wallet and he had searched his house, office and car thoroughly.

It was all making sense now, he suddenly found the strength he needed in getting her out of his mind. She was a crazy person and he had no business with her.

‘I am here’ Gwen showed up.

‘Did you know that Amanda was a kleptomaniac’? Greg asked, his eyes were focused on her the whole time.

‘Um no but that is not why I am here. I thought you’d call me in respect of the meeting that was postponed. It’s happening right now in the conference room and your father is spearheading it’ Gwen said.

‘What? And why didn’t you tell me this’? Greg fetched his file and marched out of the office.

‘Because I thought you knew’! Gwen yelled across.

‘Whatever’ Greg snorted, he had known Silas and Nathan were up to something.

‘Now what’? Gwen sighed.

What was that crap about Amanda being a Kleptomaniac? She was tempted to call her but she decided to stay out of it; that was really a strong allegation.


‘I got my job back’! Amanda screamed her way to the house.

She paused as she noticed Alex’s car, she had not told her that she was visiting.

‘Hello house, I got my job back’ she did a little dance but she noticed the gloom on her mother’s face and couldn’t help but wonder what the problem was.

‘What’s happening’? She exhaled and took a seat.

‘Wendy came to the house and was very rude to your mother’ Alex explained carefully to Amanda, just the way Mrs. Atkins had told her, she didn’t leave anything out.

‘I didn’t know who to call, I tried your number but you were not picking; I could only think of Alex’ her mother cried.

Tears filled Amanda’s eyes as she imagined the ton of hurtful things Wendy must have said to her mother.

‘Why is she doing this? She has never liked me from the start’ Amanda wiped her face with the back of her hand.

‘She thinks you have interest in Greg’ Alex blurted out.

‘Why would she think something like that? Greg is my boss, I could never have an affair with him’ fear gripped Amanda, what if her mother got to know she had developed feelings for her boss? How would she take it.

‘I told you Mrs. Atkins, Amanda has no interest in Greg. Wendy is a paranoid person and she needs a shrink. I am so sorry for the things she said to you’ Alex apologized.

‘I am so sorry mum’ Amanda gave her a warm hug.

‘I feel better now Mandy but you must be careful, she seemed so evil. Ok?

‘I will be’ Amanda kissed her mother on the forehead.

‘So it was true you were fired, why didn’t you tell me about that’? Mrs. Atkins asked. She didn’t like the feeling that her daughter was towing the same path she did when she was about the same age.

‘I didn’t want you to worry, but everything is fine now. I promise’ Amanda reassured her mother with another kiss.

‘Can we talk in my car’? Alex winked.

‘Sure, girl’s time, see you soon mom’ she waved at her mother and rushed out of the house.

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