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Watch me leave’ she replied and made for the door.

‘And for the records, last night was a mistake too, my finger is bigger than that thing in between your legs’ Amanda cursed and rushed out of the office before he could see her tears; leaving him perplexed by her outbursts.

‘Mandy, are you okay? What happened in there’? Gwen tried to stop her.

‘I’ll call you when I get home Gwen’ Amanda waved and rushed before anyone could see her tear filled eyes.

‘Hey Gwen, the meeting has been cancelled; I have to go now, watch this’ he dropped the bunny on her desk.

‘But…’! She had wanted to object, but one look at Greg’s angry face shut her up.

‘Yes sir’ she drew a deep breath and fetched the cage.

His legs led him outside and just in time, he found her waiting for a cab.

‘Amanda’ he called her name and rushed to the spot where she stood.

‘What do you want Greg’? She took a few steps away from him.

‘Look, you misunderstood me; I sent you that money because I felt bad for firing you; it has nothing to do with last night. I don’t usually say this, but I am sorry about last night and I am sorry you felt I objectified you. You are a hardworking person and you deserve the money; except of course, you want to repay me by taking back your job’ Greg said to her.

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Tears brimmed her eyes as she stared at him; she had not seen this coming; she had not even seen Greg as the type of man that could apologize; well except for the obscene note issue.

‘Are you saying you want me back at the office’? Her voice was husky with emotion.

‘Yes. I am really sorry for everything. I hope we can still remain as professional as before’ Greg said, giving their affair previously.

‘Of course! Yes, I will be professional’ Amanda nodded. Whatever that meant, she was very glad that she had gotten her job back; at least she wouldn’t have to go through the pain of telling her mother all about it.

‘Good’ Greg replied.

His brown eyes were focused on her blue and it took him great effort to resist himself from kissing her again.

She could feel it again; that fire; that glow that emanated from their stare. How would she work with the man she had slept with in the same office? It was really going to be hard.

He wanted to do right by Wendy, no doubt; she was the mother of his child now; but those looking into her sea of blue, he found tranquility, it seemed her eyes answered all the questions that ever plagued his mind.

It was swift but deliberate; it was quick and determined. Greg launched himself forward and bruised her gentle lips with his’.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she had not seen that coming; she had wanted to struggle at first, but the spice of his mouth drugged her, glued her and she found herself desiring him at that moment.

Images of his love making flashed through her mind as he deepened the kiss.

Right there in the open streets, Greg kissed her; he was no longer the Beecroft regal; all his armor and gold was stripped off; he was bare, a man who loved the lips that he tasted; focused and unaware of the passers-by and those who had just arrived.

The buzzing of her phone riveted her back to reality and tore them apart.

‘I am sorry I kissed you. That was not supposed to happen’ Greg was confused, what had gotten into him?

‘I…I Amanda stuttered but words had fled her and she was left alone in the open streets, only then did she find six pair of eyes glaring darkly at her.

‘Nathan’ she took a deep breath as he approached her.

‘Greg! Stop right there’ Wendy called after him.

Silas Beecroft was appalled by the scene he’d watched minutes ago; why was Greg bent on ruining the good name of the company?

‘Why did you let him kiss you’? Nathan’s face was red with rage.

‘I…I have to go’ she felt ambushed.

‘No, you stay right here; why did you kiss my brother? He is brute and mean and doesn’t deserve you’ Nathan spewed.

‘Greg? Greg is your brother’? Her eyes widened.

‘Yes, princess; but you can’t be with him, he is not the man for you’ Nathan said.

Her eyes were questioning and afraid, she was sure of what she felt for Greg. It was undiluted love and raw passion.

‘Because I am your new boss’ Nathan replied, planted a kiss on her face and walked away.

‘Hell no’ Amanda’s lips shook. What was Nathan talking about?

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