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That’s a good one. Let me drink to that’ Greg poured himself another glass.

‘We have to go now, we would be late for the show’ Morgan stared at his watch.

‘Show? You said it was a lounge, where people drink and talk’ Greg said.

‘Of course, but there’s something special they’d be doing tonight. Are you still up for it’? Morgan asked.

‘Sure, let’s go’ Greg trailed after his friend.

‘So what crazy things do you hope to do tonight’? Morgan asked as he fired his engine.

‘Not getting drunk and ending up in the papers’ Greg winked and they both laughed.

He noticed his phone was buzzing, he ignored it. Trudy was calling.

‘Hey, what if it’s important? Just saying’ Morgan noticed he ignored the call.

‘It’s not, just another distraction’ he replied.

Minutes later, Morgan and Greg arrived the lounge; it was crowded with a lot of people; music blasted in the large hall; liquor flowed uncensored, this was going to be a perfect night for both guys.

‘Now that’s a lot of masks’ Greg noticed everyone in the lounge except himself and Morgan that had just come in, had masks on.

‘It’s a masque party’! Morgan yelled, the music was really loud.

‘Let me go over the bar and get us something to drink’ Morgan excused himself.

‘Excuse me sir, you need to wear a mask else you’ll be kicked out by those men over there’ one of the serving girls presented a plastic basket with a variety of masks.

‘Oh’ Greg’s mouth fell open as he glared at the huge bouncers.

‘I’ll pick the black one, it’s classy and gothic’ He fetched one for himself and one for Morgan.

‘Once again you’re welcome’ the masked face said to him.

‘Thanks, so what else is going to happen apart from us wearing masks and drinking’ Greg winked before putting his own mask on.

‘I don’t know, just have fun! Live in the moment’ she blew him a kiss and disappeared.

‘Hey, I see, you’re adapting’ Morgan slipped on his mask and handed Greg a drink.

‘What other choice do I have’? Greg replied.

‘Listen up everyone, let’s make a toast’…the music stopped as the owner of the lounge stood at the stage.

‘I have to get this, my father is calling’ Greg fetched his phone.

‘Okay, I’ll be waiting for you’ Morgan replied, his eyes was drawn to a slender blonde, her frame reminded him of Alex; maybe this was what he needed to get over the break up.

He gulped the remains of his glass, tossed it aside on the nearest table and walked up to meet the blonde.

‘Hello baby, I am Morgan and you’?

Amanda was lost in the thick crowd; she had never been to such a big party before; she had lost Alex as usual and now she was totally alone.

‘D--n’ she cursed as she was tired of dialing her number. Where the hell was Alex and why wasn’t she answering her call.

She exhaled sharply and almost took off her mask but she refrained from doing so; it was one of the rules of the party.

She decided to take some air outside; she needed to breathe; it was as hot as hell.

Alex had lent her one of her clothes; the skimpy orange dress revealed the clear and smooth skin of her laps and bared the surface of her creamy breasts.

With this mask, she became another person; she felt totally different, this was her alter ego and she had introduced herself to a couple of guys with the name, Diaz.

She released a sharp breath as she stepped outside; her eyes were drawn to a desolate place in the arena; it was surrounded by a hedge of flowers and she decided to cool off there; till she found Alex.

‘What a beauty’ she breathed as she arrived the area.

The air was cool; the wind was friendly; it seemed the flowery palace had been built from her; its separation from the main hall was very obvious.

She settled on the grass and stared at the moon light; it was a clearly a romantic scenery; her taught wandered to her fantasies and she briefly wished Greg was right here to kiss her and make her dreams come alive.

‘Brute’ that’s what she called him, she still contemplated whether to accept or reject his overwhelming payment.

She decided she would return some of it; she hated taking money without working for it.

Her thoughts spiraled from Greg to the freaky Nathan and her friend who had abandoned her; she silently swore never to follow Alex to any party.

Tired of covering her face, her hands went to the rope that kept the mask on her face; she was about to untie it when she heard light footsteps; the scent of this stranger was familiar but she pushed that aside and rose to her feet.

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