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Maybe you should keep it, having a lot of money is not a crime, you earned it’ Alex encouraged.

‘No, I didn’t. I like to get things mainly through hard work, if there should be any bonus, it shouldn’t be like this’ she pointed at her phone.

Alex was quiet for a while; she took in everything Amanda had told her from beginning.

First, he had stashed her pistachio nuts in the basket and then given her a long list and then fired her.

Was Greg trying to avoid her friend? Was Amanda doing something that he hated?

‘I think Greg is actually feeling guilty for firing you, that’s why he gave you this much money; I think he has been avoiding you, that explains the long list of things you were to do’ Alex aired her opinion.

‘And the firing’? Amanda wondered why Greg would want to avoid her.

‘Well, though extreme, I still fell he doesn’t want you around him for some reason; maybe you remind him of someone, I am not talking about Holly this time, she’d be too insignificant to have such a hold on him; maybe he was once in love with someone that looked like you and anytime you’re around him, it triggers the memories’ Alex suggested.

‘Well last I checked, I wasn’t his spec. I just feel very bad, I wish this feelings would go away’ she sighed.

‘I know what will make it go away, let’s party and drink’ Alex suggested.

Months back, she would’ve declined but finding herself in this state was no longer funny. She needed to channel all the dark energy into something else.

‘I am up for it’ Amanda nodded.

‘Okay, let me get dressed’ Alex jumped to her feet and pulled open her wardrobe.

‘What are you doing’? Amanda noticed a package, similar to the one she had bought earlier, chemical dye.

‘I want to change my hair color too’ Alex winked.

‘Really to what’? Amanda’s hands caressed her black curls.

‘Blonde’ she winked.

‘Wow, that would be stunning, can I change mine too’? Amanda decided she didn’t want black anymore, she had had dyed her hair black to please Greg; now she no longer worked for him, she decided that she didn’t need any reminder of her job at Beecroft.

‘That would be cute! Let’s be blondes’ Alex cheered.

‘As you wish, your highness’ Amanda rolled her eyes.

He had spent more than an hour admiring her lovely face; admiring her blue filled eyes and her sensuous plump lips.

Absent mindedly, his hands touched the place where he had kissed her. He had never felt so much happier than now; he had finally kissed her and he yearned to do more.

‘Nathan’? Trudy crept up from behind and he quickly shut down his laptop.

‘Who was that’? She asked in a pained voice.

‘Just a distant cousin, I swear Trudy, I am not cheating’ he raised his hands in the air.

‘So how was it with Greg? Still working’? Nathan faced her.

‘Yes, but he is not returning my calls’ she said to him.

‘Then try harder’ he pressed a kiss on her face.

‘I need to gather evidence about him, so when our father finally sees the results, the evidence would back it up. I have to go now’ Nathan fetched the keys and made for the door.

‘You always leave; why don’t you spend some time with me’? Trudy complained, lately, Nathan had blocked her out completely and that wasn’t what she had hoped for in their relationship.

‘Just get Greg to drink the d--n thing’ Nathan snapped at her.

Tears ran down Trudy’s cheeks as she peered through the window; she wiped her face once he was far and fetched his laptop.

He had a password for it, one she knew very well but had acted like she knew nothing about it.

She quickly typed in the password and swallowed as she stared at the picture of a very pretty blonde.

All her pictures had little notes written on it by Nathan; he proposed his undying love for her and for her golden hair.

‘Am I not good enough’? She ran her fingers through her own hair.

‘Princess Atkins’ she pronounced the name.

There was something oddly familiar about her face, like she had met with the girl before, she had seen her somewhere.

She wept and wondered why Nathan would choose this path; she had sacrificed many times for him, still she wasn’t good enough.

‘I can’t do this anymore’ she sobbed and shut down the computer.

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