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Greg’s eyes were fixed on the clock the whole time; her number wasn’t reachable each time he called and he was anxious? Had something bad happened to her? If she was hurt, he would never forgive himself.

‘Is she back yet’? He rose to his feet as Gwen walked into his office.

‘No sir, but I think you should relax, it’s not easy finding a brown chinchilla’ the sarcasm that dripped from Gwen’s voice didn’t go unnoticed but he chose to ignore her.

‘Find her. Track my car’ he gave an order.

‘I am on it’ she rushed to her system.

While Gwen was on it, his mind replayed the scene at the hospital; the doctor seemed fake and her positions and observations were ridiculous. Wendy was obviously very desperate for marriage; he could see that now.

As he was contemplating on the best way to ditch her, Morgan walked in wearing a frown.

‘What’s with the face’? Greg asked.

‘We found nothing dirty’Morgan replied.

‘Shit’! Greg ran his fingers through his hair, this meant that his father had won.

‘Hell no, he started this but I’ll finish’ he grunted.

‘But there’s something interesting I found’ Morgan began…

‘Let me hear it’ Greg couldn’t wait to hear the news.

‘It seems Trudy is dating Nathan’ Morgan announced.

‘That’s not possible, they don’t even know each other’ Greg scoffed, his blonde girlfriend couldn’t possibly be going out with his brother.

‘Here’s what we found, we searched extensively for Nathan, we found this picture on her timeline, and she tagged him to it’ Morgan showed his friend a picture of Nathan and Trudy kissing in a park.

‘This is not California’ Greg noticed the atmosphere.

‘Yes, it’s New York, it seems your brother might have met her first before you did’ Morgan suggested.

‘Well, she is a s--t and isn’t going to help me get Nathan; I need something dirty; Trudy is not dirty’ Greg felt stuck in a cage; he was terrified there was no way out of it.

‘I don’t know Greg, but I’ll keep searching; my team are working on it’ Morgan assured him.

‘I found her’ Gwen rushed into the office.

‘Found who’? Morgan glared at his friend.

‘Long story buddy, I’ll be back’ Greg rushed out of his office.

‘There you are princess and who is that little honey with you’ Nathan forced a smile, he wasn’t a fan of pets. He hated them.

‘Meet Lucy, Lucy meet Nathan’ Amanda smiled as she made the introductions.

‘Nice meeting you Lucy’ Nathan cringed on the inside when he touched the animal’s fur.

‘So, how are you Nathan? Sorry I got your message late, I have really been busy’ Amanda followed him into the restaurant, she had parked Greg’s car safely in the lot. All she yearned for now was ice cream and a shoulder to lean on. She needed someone to confide in aside Alex, she had complained enough to Alex, and she felt Alex needed space.

‘Not a problem, I’ll always wait for you, anytime anyway’ Nathan winked.

‘So tell me about you briefly’ he asked.

‘Amanda Atkins; I am schooled at Humboldt University; I am working now to save up; my father is later, so it’s just I and my mother and my boss is the meanest person ever’ she sighed.

‘Really? Tell me about him’ Nathan appeared to be interested but deep down all his thoughts centered on f-----g her from behind and pulling all her blonde curls off her head’ his fantasies faded as he realized that her blonde was gone.

‘Hello? Nathan’? Amanda shifted uncomfortably; he was staring at her too long, like he was hypnotized.

‘What happened to your hair Mandy’? Nathan’s voice was stern, his green eyes lacked emotion.

‘Well, my boss doesn’t like blue eyed blondes; I just really wanted us to get along’ she replied.

‘Who the hell is your boss? Sounds like he is a real piece of shit’ Nathan swore loudly.

Blood tweaked her cheeks as she realized people looked towards their table ‘Nathan it’s okay, I am fine with this hair now. I look better in it’.

‘No you don’t. You’re ugly’ he bit his lip.

‘Excuse me’? She felt bad he would use such a word on her.

‘I am sorry Princess, I didn’t meant to, I am also having a bad day too; my half brother hates me so much; he accused me before our father’ Nathan sought for her pity.

She noticed the glimmer of tears in his emerald eyes as he spoke of his mean half brother.

‘He told my dad I take drugs and that ruined our relationship’ he said.

‘Oh my God, that is such a cruel thing to do. I am so sorry Nathan’ she reached out and rubbed his hands.

He loved the touch of her delicate skin; he loved the silkiness of it; he yearned to run his tongue on her bare flesh. She was his princess. She was his love.

His eyes settled on her plump lips and he decided to tell her how he felt by adoring her alluring lips with his’.

In a swift moment, Nathan leaned forward and bruised her lips with his’.

Fear gripped her as he kissed her in the open and without her permission; she tried to break free but his hands had encircled her.

‘Get off me Nathan’ she struggle but his hands were too powerful for her to run free.

But at the drop of a familiar baritone, Nathan released her at once and when she looked up, she found Greg staring at them both darkly.

Her heart stopped as his fiery gaze seared her into pieces and yet she was still alive.

‘Greg’? Nathan was surprised to see him there.

‘Let’s go’ Greg ignored Nathan and turned to Amanda.

‘I am sorry sir, I didn’t meant…’Amanda tried to explain but he offered her that dark look and she kept her mouth shut.

‘Wait, are you going with him’? Nathan trailed behind him.

‘I am sorry Nathan’ she slid into the car next to Greg.

Tears filled his eyes as he watched his princess walk away; what relationship did she have with Greg? He had seen the way they looked at each other; were they dating?

A jealous rage filled him and he decided to speak to Trudy on his plans concerning Greg.

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