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Wendy’s eyes brimmed with unshed tears; they glowed with fear as she sobbed.

‘What happened? Is the baby okay’? Greg realized he actually cared for this baby.

‘Tell him doctor, tell him everything’ Wendy sobbed.

‘Welcome, Mr. Beecroft’ a female doctor approached him and he took the hand that was offered.

‘Your baby is okay’ the doctor said.

‘Thank God’ Greg sighed with relief.

‘For now’ the doctor quickly added.

‘What do you mean’? His hopes quickly faded away like dreams that never saw dawn.

‘Your baby is suffering from a kind of trauma, the fetus is stressed’ the doctor begun.

‘Stressed? Make me understand’ Greg felt completely lost in her medical language.

‘I wish I could make it easier for you to understand, but simply, the baby needs a healthy home so it can grow perfectly’ the doctor explained.

‘A healthy home’? Greg arched a brow.

‘Yes, the parents of the child must be together; you aren’t always there for Wendy’s sessions; the baby feels neglected too and the only solution to this, if for both of you to come together’ the doctor added.

‘Like husband and wife? Or we could live together’ Wendy found the strength to speak.

‘Oh, that wouldn’t be a problem Doctor, I’ll think about it’ Greg moved over to Wendy and placed a soft kiss on her face.

He seemed very calm on the surface but he was terrified of that prospect of staying next to Wendy; something wasn’t right.

He had not studied medicine but he could swear that what the doctor said made no sense; it wasn’t logical.

Well, like he said, he was going to think about it. Right now, finding dirt on Nathan was the most important thing.

‘I have to go now love, I’ll see you and the baby later’ he kissed her forehead, rubbed her belly briefly and rushed out of the ward.

‘Do you think that would work’? Wendy straightened on the bed.

‘Of course it will’ a mischievous smile split the doctor’s face.

Tears stung her eyes as she stepped into the fifth animal shop in Los Angeles; Greg had specified that he needed a brown chinchilla rabbit; she was yet to find his preference.

She felt frustrated and confused; Gwen had assured her that everything would work out fine; but it didn’t. He had thrown her gift into the trash basket and that meant a lot.

‘Can I help you’? the sales girl asked as she stepped into the pet shop.

‘Yes, I am looking for a bunny’ Amanda blinked away her tears and focused.

‘Really? We have a lot, different species, come have a look’ the girl replied gleefully.

‘Oh, thanks, but I am actually looking for a brown chinchilla rabbit’ Amanda replied.

She noticed stars in the girl’s eyes, like she was confused.

‘Um? Chinchilla’s are mostly white, so it could take you ages to find a brown one’ the girl grinned.

‘Oh? Really’? Amanda swallowed. Why did she have this feeling that Greg was trying to punish her? She guessed he knew all along that there was nothing like brown chinchilla and he wrote it on his screwed up list to frustrate her.

‘Yes. So what sex are you looking for’? The salesgirl asked Amanda.

‘Um, Female’ Amanda rolled her eyes and exhaled.

This only meant one thing, Greg was still holding a grudge against her.

‘Here she is’ the girl returned with a caged furry rabbit.

At the sight of the cute white bunny, all her rage faded like chaff in the wind; all her anger and resentment towards Greg turned to love and likeness as she stared at the animal.

‘She’s such a cutee’ Amanda smiled and caressed the pristine fur.

‘Yes. So, always hold her by the ears, be gentle and feed her very well plus lots of water; I’ll take your email address, so I could send you more tips on how to care for a chinchilla’ the sales girl instructed carefully.

‘That would be nice. Thank you very much’ Amanda settled the bill and was about leaving with the cage when the girl screamed.

‘Oh my God, is that Greg Beecroft’s car’? She jumped to her feet.

‘Yes…you know him’? Amanda got curious.

‘Sure. Sure. He is a nice person’ she beamed.

‘Really’? The words rushed out of Amanda’s mouth before she could hold them back.

‘Call me Sam, short for Samantha’ she introduced herself.

‘Amanda, Mandy’ they both shook hands.

‘Well, he is a philanthropist, my sister was able to pay her tuition fees from his scholarship, “LucyBee” scholarship’ Samantha explained.

‘That’s nice, I have to go now, he is my boss’ Amanda replied.

‘Goodbye Mandy, I wish I could meet Greg in person to thank him for all he’s done’ she waved happily.

‘I could send your message across’ Amanda waved back.

‘Wow’ she sighed. She never knew he had it in him, the ability to be kind. That softened her heart and she was immediately curious; Greg was not a spoilt brat afterall.

She dwelt on the moment back at the office; she had been lost in his eyes once again; she needed to focus else she was going to lose her job one of these days.

‘Focus Mandy’ she stared at the bunny that sat next to her in the car.

Greg’s car was the sleekest she had ever seen; it smelt of expensive fragrance; it shone like it had been polished a hundred times; and it looked really expensive.

She had just tended to the first chore on his long list and the day was almost gone; she fetched her phone and checked it briefly.

Alex had sent her a text asking her to meet up; her mother had left to visit one of their neighbors and the last one was what she really needed right now. Nathan had asked if she was free to hang out.

‘Oops, I totally forgot, but I am set. We are going to enjoy this date together’ she said to the rabbit.

And then she thought to herself ‘You should have a name beauty, you really should, and it would make our relationship easier’.

‘Maybe I should call you Lucy’ she winked at the creature and ignited the car.

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