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You need to fire her’! Wendy yelled as she reached his office.

‘Fire who? I don’t understand and you’re not supposed to scream like that. One, you are in my office. Two, you’re pregnant; What’s wrong with you Wendy’? Greg was getting frustrated and tired of her.

‘You know very well who I am talking about’ Wendy replied.

‘Last I checked, I wasn’t a magician’ Greg returned to his work.

‘Your personal assistant, I hate her so much; there’s something dark about her and you have to fire her now before you regret it’ Wendy added.

‘Something dark? Like’? He pinned his brown eyes on her.

‘I don’t know; I just have a hunch’ she replied.

‘Ms. Atkins is good at her job and she is very professional; you have no need to worry’ Greg assured her.

He rose to his feet and encircled her in his arms; he reminded himself that he still needed to play his part.

‘Are you attracted to her’? Wendy asked.

That did it, he released her immediately ‘What’s that supposed to mean’?

‘I know you Greg; you find it difficult to resist blue eyed blondes, that’s why I want her out of here; I don’t want anyone to come in between us; what we have is special; it’s really beautiful’ Wendy complained.

‘I don’t sleep with my employees and you d--n well know that; stop accusing me of false things. Now I have some work to do’ he returned to his files.

‘Well I am sorry. So, I came to tell you about my doctor’s appointment, I would love for you to come’ Wendy rubbed her belly proudly.

‘That would be great, what time’? He peered at her.

‘8 o’clock’ she replied.

‘I’ll be there’.

She had eavesdropped on his connection and she felt her heart raced as he called another “princess”.

‘Who was that’? Trudy stepped out of the bathroom.

‘Um, no one’ Nathan murmured. He had not been aware she’d been listening to his call to Amanda.

‘Really? Are you cheating on me? Who’s the b---h’? Trudy cursed.

‘I am not cheating baby, have I cheated on you before’? He felt her hands gently, so softly that her anger fled.

‘No’ she replied quietly.

‘Then trust me, you have no cause to be suspicious’ he said to her.

‘So when are you meeting up with Greg’? He asked eagerly, he still had to deal with his half brother an take over the company.

‘Not successful, he sounded kind of busy’ Trudy replied.

‘Busy? How busy’? Nathan’s features contorted into a frown.

‘Busy! He seems he didn’t want to meet up with me’ Trudy replied.

‘That’d because you didn’t make an effort; you were not persuasive enough’ he hissed.

‘Really? That’s insensitive, I tried my very best to convince him’ she felt hurt that she wasn’t appreciated.

He wasn’t excited about the outcome; it only meant a delay in his plans.

‘Baby, you know what this means to me, to us; if I become the C.E.O of Beecroft, you’ll have all the finest things you’ve ever dreamt of; we would travel the world together; get our own yacht and jet, our love would be forever’ Nathan moved over to her and caressed her face.

‘I know but does it really matter? Those are material things, all we need is our love for each other; what if you just forget about Greg and focus on us instead’? Trudy asked, as the days passed, she felt Nathan gradually slipping away from her hands.

‘Hey! If you don’t make this work; if you don’t set up a meeting with Nathan, then it’s over between us’ he placed a kiss on her lips and stormed out of the house.

‘No…please’ her voice was broken, her soul was weak as she watched him walk away.


After having a nice dinner with her mother; she had decided to pay her friend a visit as they had a lot to discuss and she didn’t want her mother to hear a word about all the negative things that happened on her first day.

She lay beside Alex on the bed feeding on some candies; Alex was a real sweet tooth.

‘So, how was your first day hon’? Alex winked.

‘Can you turn that off? If you plan to hear me’? Amanda pointed at the Television.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” was on air, Alex was a real reality T.V show freak.

If she wasn’t watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”, she was watching “Real housewives of Atlanta” or “WAGS”.

‘Before that, can I ask you a question’? Amanda rinsed her sugary mouth with a glass of water.

‘Yea’ Alex nodded.

Amanda decided to tell her about her experience with Greg, but she didn’t mention his name directly or disclose his office as her boss; she just used the word “guy”.

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