Addiction - S01 E43 (Story Episode)

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Emeka's POV
she then took off my shirt and toss it at a corner now left we her boobs pressing against my chest,I kept sucking her boobs while she was untop me, gosh I need you inside of me now (she whispered),your wish is my command(I whispered back),she pulled down my trousers left with my boxers as my d--k was pushing my boxers,also pulled down my boxers exposing my naked massive d--k,in no time she dipped it in her mouth and started thrusting them in a suck,God I need to f--k this woman raw,need to feel her p---y flesh to flesh, need to release completely down her p---y walls only if she can let me…

I looked at the mini skirt she was holding,emeka here is what I bought for you(she said) as she brought out 3 packets of CD from her back pocket, think say na better gift she wan give me but anyway I go use all of them….

I quickly rolled untop of her….

chioma's POV
mr tony:chioma how are you doing(my dad said) as he walked down the stairs,I quickly stood up and hug him,he walked to my mother, instead of greeting they both joined their lips together to a deep kiss,I quickly pretended I didn’t see them as I focused on the TV, junior look at who I told you about(he said) and pointed to me,she’s my sister(junior asked)yup(he replied), junior come(I said) as I opened my hand for an embrace…

he stood up from Mr Tony’s lap and walked to me, my name is chioma and I heard a lot about you, he smiled and look at me,does it mean you will be staying with us now?,well actually, I looked at my dad’s face for him to answer it,he turned to looked at my mum’s face with a smile and back to me,junior yes they will be staying with us but not now okay,when(he asked),oh you ask to many questions junior,don’t worry few months time they will finally stay with us, I suddenly felt pressed and need to pee,ehm pls where is the bathroom (I asked),okay come lemme take you to where will be your room as soon as you start living with us(Mr tony said)…

I walked with him up the stairs,we walked In circles up until we entered a hallway…

we stopped at a particular door,come in(he said) as we entered,omg(I whispered),am I going to be the only one sleeping on this bed(I asked),yes who else?..

chioma:it just that it looks too big for me alone
Mr tony:don’t be ridiculous, this is where you will be sleeping take it or leave it,and he opened the door and walked out…

I quickly entered the bathroom to urinate,after am done I took off my shoes and fell back on the bed to take a nap after a long day….

Emeka's POV
faster,corper tayo screamed as i penetrated my d--k into her p---y,God you’re killing me (she moaned),i never start yet,na burial remain(i said within me)I squeeze her boobs with my palms as I kiss her neck,I increased my speed to gear 5 which was just the first condom we just used,I continued for over 30minutes then I rolled over as we lay on the bed panting in sweat…

I rested for 5minutes and inserted another condom again,my d--k was still standing hard,I forcefully pushed it down her p---y walls,f--k(she moaned),I pounded her and hit her ass at the same time,and “WHOOSH”,she squirted all over my d--k,she kept squirting as I kept f-----g her hard,20minutes later she was still squirting,this woman no dey stop ni(I said within me)….

To be continued..

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