Amanda - S01 E28 (Story Episode)

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‘‘You have lipstick on your face’’ Greg’s words reechoed in her brain; slowly, her fantasies and imaginations of him kissing her fled, the world stopped turning and she was faced with reality.

‘Oh, I…will er fix it…I better go fix that coffee’ her face reddened, she was thoroughly embarrassed. She wondered if he could hear the sound of her heart beating.

‘Better’ he said to her. Minutes later she scurried out of his office like a scared little bunny and he sighed with relief.

‘What the fu#k is happening to me’? Greg drummed his fingers on the table, he had never felt out of control before. He always had his emotions and urges under control; this was new for him.Was it because she looked so different? Was it because she was more alluring? Or he was just in the mood to kiss somebody.

He pushed the wavering thoughts away and fetched his buzzing phone. He didnt recognize the number.

‘Hello, Greg on the line’ he placed it against his ear.

‘Darling, you forgot all about me’ a familiar voice drawled. He couldn’t miss the owner of the voice, she was one of his numerous girlfriends.

He had a one night stand with her at a club where they’d first met and somehow they bumped into each other months later and started dating.Like most of the women that he dated, she knew he had other girlfriends but didn’t care; most of them came for the money.

‘Trudy, can you call another time? I am really busy’ he said, he didn’t have time for all the drama; right now he was in a mess and he needed to sort his was out of it.

‘Greg? But it’s important, I really want to see you’ she insisted.

‘Not now Trudy, I promise to call when I am less busy’ he replied.

‘Okay’ she hung up.

‘Whatever’ he sighed.

He decided that his time for playing games with women was over; he needed to focus on his life; he needed to plan; he still hoped there was a way out of his father’s plan.

He wished a miracle could happen; his eyes briefly strayed to the calendar and he realized that his birthday was drawing close.

‘Hell’ he cursed.

‘What’s hell? You upset or something’? Just in time Morgan walked in.

‘Hey’ Greg waved.

‘Are you staring at the calendar now? You got a wedding date’? Morgan moved next to him.

‘No. My birthday is coming’ Greg replied simply.

‘Oh, there’s that, so what did your old man say’? Morgan inquired about the visit.

‘Same old, same old. When are you getting married to Wendy’? Greg mimicked his dad.

‘As if there’s a big trophy attached to her’ Greg added.

‘Of course there is, there’s that 10% thing with her parents’ Morgan reminded me.

‘Oh, enough! What if that’s a lie too? My dad could cook up anything to trap me’Greg replied.

‘You know what? You need to get some air, there’s this new lounge in town; let’s hang out, play some games and you’ll feel better. If you weren’t such a workaholic, I’d say you should go on a vacation, Hawaii or the Bahamas’ Morgan winked.

‘Why do I have a feeling that you just broke up with someone’? Greg studied his friend.

Morgan wasn’t the outdoor type; but he loved to have a drink or two when he felt stressed, especially after a break up or if he was looking to flirt.

‘Oh my God, don’t tell me you broke up with her, I didn’t even meet her’ Greg scoffed.

‘I had to. I like a relationship based on truth and honesty and you know that’ Morgan stated.

‘Yes I do’ Greg nodded in agreement. He understood where Morgan was coming from, he had been in a relationship some years back and she hurt him real bad with lies and cheating.

Minutes later, Amanda reentered the office with some coffee; it had taken her eternity to regain control of herself.

After leaving his office, the very first place she had visited was the lady’s, she had checked her face for any sign of lipstick, but there was nothing on it.

She was still confused about Greg’s words.

‘Here’s the coffee sir’ she dropped the tray with shaky hands and paused as Greg brought out a sheet of paper.

‘Thanks, here are a list of things I need you do today’ Greg handed her a sheet.

She scanned the list briefly and decided that this job wasn’t as stressful as she imagined.

‘Got it’ she smiled and rushed out of the office

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