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A tap on the microphone broke into Zara’s
thoughts. She had been daydreaming again.

Was it just a year ago that she and Ima had
been kidnapped to fulfil the sick fantasies of
two men who were now rotting in prison? It
was hard to believe.

God had indeed given
them garments of praise instead of mourning.
Sounds of a loud whistle had the people
seated laughing.

“See your friend behaving like a bush girl.”

Iyke whispered. He was looking quite dapper
as ought to be expected.
In fact, everyone was. Her bridal dress was
being raved about all over social media having
been designed by Mrs Obi herself. A design
that was being said to be fit for the gods.

The wedding reception was taking place on a
yacht with only close family and friends in
attendance. By the time vessel docked, the
ceremony would be ended.
Having never been on a yacht, she marvelled
at its beauty. The decorator had also done an
amazing job making the place wedding
reception ready.

Iyke had clearly spared no expense. He was so
good to her.

“Well, she is doing what she deems necessary,
my dear. See how people have given her their

Let’s just hope she doesn’t say anything
embarrassing about us.”
Iyke laughed. “Knowing her, that’s all she’ll

Ima’s creamy voice replaced the hardly fought
and achieved silence.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, a little over an hour
ago, my dear friends, Iyke and Zara were
pronounced husband and wife.”

Sounds of clapping and cheering filled the air.
The scene brought tears to Zara’s eyes. Indeed
Lord, you have been faithful. Thank you soo

She did have a lot to be thankful for.

“But their story isn’t totally a rosy one. They
have gone through so much to be here today.

Through it all, God has been faithful,
honouring His words in their life.”

Zara nodded. With kidnapping about a year
ago and near demise of her relationship with
Iyke, it definitely hadn’t been a rosy year.

Especially after Iyke told her the reason why
he had been distant for a while – he was the
son of convict who had faced the firing squad
after being rightly accused and proven to be
the leader of the famous armed robbery gang.

She knew nothing of the story except what
Iyke told her but she saw enough in his eyes
and heart to know that he regretted the stain
on his family name.

Never mind the fact that
it wasn’t public knowledge.

He hated that he couldn’t be perfect for her…

“The way I am for you? I’m not perfect, Iyke.

No one is. That’s why we need and have
Jesus. With Him in your life, I am sure of the
kind of character you’ll produce.”

“ohhohoh… she promised she wouldn’t be
mushy.” Zara commented to her newly
wedded husband. He held her hand and
squeezed it.

“That’s what you get when you ask a lady to
give the toast.” Zara playfully punched him as
the statement ended.
“You see what I’m saying. They are best of
friends which is something I wish for
everyone.” The audience laughed.

Iyke and Zara, I love you guys soo much
sometimes it hurts. I pray that God’s blessings
will continually encompass you. His favour
will be evident. You will lack nothing and
when my god-children come, you’ll have all
that is needed.”

Zara looked at Iyke and they both laughed at
Ima’s self-nomination. She was indeed a
wonder to behold.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s raise our glasses
filled with wine, juice, water, any liquid at
all, and give a toast to the lovely couple- Mr
and Mrs Iyke Chike.

May laughter never cease
from your mouths. May your marriage be full
of live, joy, peace, abundance and every good
thing you both desire.

As God has created this union, may He
sustain it and cause nothing or no man to put

Cheers to the couple. Cheers!”
The clinking of glasses and shouts of Amen
filled the air as people cheered. Iyke hugged
his wife as the noises provided a cocoon.

Ima looked at her friend and they exchanged
winks laughing in between.
Joy and laughter filled the air, hopefully, a
sign of better days that were yet ahead.

“None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us.

I’m absolutely convinced that nothing –
nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic,
today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or
unthinkable – absolutely nothing can get
between us and God’s love because of the
way that Jesus our Master has embraced us,”
The Message.

The End *

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