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Before his unit commander returned, Dede
made up his mind. Trying to lie would be a
stupid decision, not sensible at all.

Somehow, he was tired. Deep down he had
known. The truth was that he’d intended to
cause Emem enough pain- just as much as she
caused him when she fought for and gained
full custody of their only daughter. Never
mind the fact that his work hours were totally
unsuited to raising a daughter.
What have I done? But do I just up and
confess? And let down my partner? Nah… I
couldn’t do that. He’s counting on me. I can’t
do that.

Besides, either way, it would seem that Boss
already has something to use. Why give him
more ammo? To shoot me down?

While the thoughts were yet in his mind, the
door opened to usher in Boss. Slowly, Dede
took in a deep breath and let it out, readying
himself for the ordeal ahead because if he
knew anything about the agency, it was that
they would stop at nothing to uncover the
truth, more so when it now concerned the
agency’s pride.

“Are you ready to talk?”
“What about?”

The sudden blink told Dede that the Boss
hadn’t expected that.

“About the kidnapping.”

The slant position of the back rest added to
his relaxed state. Either way he was finished.

Decidedly, he would go down fighting.

Boss stretched out his right hand and was
promptly a brown envelope. Without taking
his eyes off Dede’s face, he took out eh A4
sized paper and held in front of Dede’s face-
long enough for Dede to realize that he
couldn’t bluff his way out of the situation.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter if you tell us or
not, we have all the information we need.”

He stood up. “Just thought to give you the
opportunity to do the honourable thing and
possible get a lighter sentence but that chance
is gone.

Need I remind you that we have your car with
the GPS tracker we installed. Don’t tell me
you’ve forgotten. You championed the project.

You said it would help track agents’
movements. Thanks to that solid advice, we
are already mapping out the routes your car
has taken in the past three months.

Oh! And God help me that I find anything
worthwhile, I’ll see to it that you don’t get
your day in court.”

The last statement was underlined with steel
further imprinting the implications of his
actions in his heart and mind.

As Boss walked out for the second time, Dede
closed his eyes and let the tears fall for the
first time in almost twenty years.

He was totally finished. In the five years since
the tracker was installed in all their cars, he
had never once turned it off. Hadn’t seen the
need to do because so far he had been a boy
scout until that fateful day. The day he met

Oh! Something is wrong alright. Or has he
gone on another mission without informing
me? Probably has. The idiot. Must be why his
wife divorced him.

Sh*t! What do I do? Didn’t intend to stay here
this long.

Peter was seated on the back porch of his
house. The plan had been to exchange the
girls such that he got Zara and his partner got
his daughter. At this rate, it would take
forever for that to happen. An idea he didn’t
particularly welcome.
For the umpteenth time, he dialled Dede’s
number. After the loud ring tone, the call
suddenly ended. Something it had been doing
for a while. It took a lot of willpower for him
not to smash the phone.
He looked up to the sky. There would
obviously be no moon tonight. It was pitch
black. He had to use the flashlight from his
phone to see his way back in.
Wasn’t he afraid of being seen? He wasn’t.

There was hardly any occupant left in the
neighbouring dilapidated buildings. Anyone
who saw the light would automatically assume
the bearer had gone to answer the call of

Changing his mind, he walked to the front to
ensure that it was locked with the padlock. A
trick his partner had told him always worked.

Anyone coming to the house would assume
that there was no occupant on seeing the
closed padlock.

Zara heard movement and hushed voices.
What is going on? The voices became louder.

She pinched Ima who lay beside her, sleeping

In her lowest possible voice, she called her
name. “Imaaaaa… Ima. Wake up.”

“mm..mmmm.. hmphmm… Zee, let me sleep
nau. What is so important that can’t wait till

“I think your dad is back.” At that statement,
Ima’s eyes opened. Slowly, she sat up.

“Lie down joor. You want them to know we
are awake?”

“What difference does it make? They’ll wake
us up if they have to. I, for one, want to look
my father in the eye and ask him to explain
this madness.”

Distant sounds of a door opening drew their
eyes to their own door. Unconsciously, they
linked fingers as they waited with bated

They would be leaving each other soon if
Zara’s theory was right. Either way, play time
was over.

The gun poked his back again, prodding him
forward into the house. He couldn’t believe
his bad luck. Would this girl forever elude

Dede! That idiot must have talked but how?
“Keep your hands in the air and walk
straight.” Peter knew better than to disobey.
These men weren’t the usual police
detectives. He wasn’t sure but he could swear
that they were Dede’s colleagues.

No doubt the game was up and he was on his
way back to – ? No! I am not going back

Slowly, he put his hand down against the
instructions of the man behind him. Knowing
his way in the darkness, he lifted up the
pestle that lay just behind the door they were

Using the advantage of surprise, he took down
the officer behind him. Before he could go
further with his attack, a bullet pierced
through his thigh bringing him down to the

Zara and Ima fell into each other’s arms at
the sounds of the bullet. It was obvious that
something was up.

The door swung open and three men entered
into the room. A voice came through their

“Yes, Boss. There are two of them, sir.”


“There are two of them, sir. Two females, sir.”
“Bring them both.”

“Yes, sir.”
Zara and Ima looked on in confusion. Were
they being saved or not?

As they walked out of the building through
the now open front door, Zara spied a familiar
face standing near the cars parked. As soon as
a way was made for them to pass through,
she looked for the face. It was her uncle.

Happily and tearily, she jumped on him as
Ima breathed a sigh of relief.
They had been saved.

Emotionally exhausted and physically spent,
the ladies slept off in the back seat of the car
that carried them away.
It was almost dawn when they got to AIG’s
house. They met the three parents waiting

The joyful gasp that escaped from Mrs Obi’s
mouth warmed AIG’s heart. He had gone in
for his niece and had brought back both

Iyke hung at the back of the little tearful and
excited crowd. He didn’t want to intrude on
the family reunion. As he stood and watched,
his eyes filling with unshed tears, he silently
thanked God for bringing the matter to a good

Thank you Lord for keeping them safe, for
bringing them back. For bringing her back.

“Iyke!” Ima called excitedly. He laughingly
enveloped her into fierce hug.
“Imaobong! Welcome back. I never thought
the day would come in which I would miss
your teasing.”

“Yeah right! When I start now, you’ll be
begging for mercy.”

“Tease all you want.” He pinched her cheeks.
“I’ll never complain again.
Ima laughed and her laughter elicited smiles
on the faces of those around.
Zara hung at the back. What would she say to
him? Were their issues still unresolved? How
was she to greet him?

Iyke approached her as though she were a
deer and he, a hunter. “My Zara K….” He
walked until he was just in front of her.

Opening his arms, he invited her in. She
accepted. The warmth from the hug warmed
every cold part of her heart.
“Don’t ever leave me again, Zee.” Their arms
were wrapped around each other as Zara
cried on Iyke’s shoulder.
Silently, he let the tears fall down his cheeks.

“I promise, Iyke.”
“I missed you so much I thought I would die. I
went crazy wondering what had happened to

Ima, now at her mother’s side watched the
exchange. She was glad to be with her mum.

Glad to be free. In the safety of her mum’s
embrace, her gratitude went up to God.

Mr and Mrs Okonkwo held each other as they
watched the loving exchange. Their daughter
was back.

All would be well.

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