Oga Landlord - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

Voice2: you hear that voice?

Voice1: yes, who be that?

Voice2: you come still dey stand here.

I heard foot-falls, probably Rufus was running away.

Voice1: wait for me.

Voice2: run come.

I started laughing, you wan chop sweet in the middle when you no get mind.

I waited for them to run into the yard before I climbed down from the window, I was about entering the yard when I met mama Iyawo with a bowl of water she wanted to pour outside the yard coming out of the yard.

Mama Iyawo is a wife to a policeman, she only gave birth to Iyawo and Samuel. That boy head round like cocoanut, her husband has been posted to North since last year and he hardly comes home.

Mama Iyawo: youngest landlord, you don return?

Me: yes oh, good evening mama Iyawo.

I wanted to go into the yard but she called me back and poured away the water in the bowl.

Me: mama Iyawo, this one you call me back. No tell me story say you no get money to pay for rent, ona house rent dey expire next Month.

Mama Iyawo:
she knot her wrapper properly no be wetin I call you back for, I don call papa Iyawo about am. Em say when them pay am em go send the money.

Me: na good news be that, so wetin you come call me back for?

Mama Iyawo: em get something wey I dey hear say you dey give Cynthia, sometimes sef I dey hear her voice when you dey give am that thing from my room, I want make you also give me am.
I looked the woman up first, she is a pretty woman that married to a wrong man. She is fair with huge b*ttocks and two big oranges at the front, she is chubby and any man would want to have her. Police men are always lucky to marry beautiful woman.

Me: Mama Iyawo, I nodey give Cynthia anything oh. Any time Cynthia visit me, na so she dey like to speak in tongues anytime we dey pray.

Mama Iyawo: hiaa! Youngest landlord when you turn pastor? Okay, I go like make you conduct that kind deliverance service with me so that I go also speak in tongues like Cynthia.

Me: I be pastor tay tay, no be today I open my ministry inside my room. The thing be say, na money you go pay before I conduct that kind service for you.

Mama Iyawo: na wa oh! You and money sef, you too like money. You no go do am free for me?

Me: mama Iyawo, you lie. I love money, I dey even vex with my papa say em no call me money when them born me, I nodey run charity organization. If you get money, you come. I go give you better service wey you go receive konji healing, when you serious come fine me. I wan go rest.

I entered my yard whistling, immediately I stepped feet into the yard they brought light. The thing sweet me pass when I dey c*m, come see shout na.
Before I even got into my room those tenants that have home theatre have already started playing music, and none of them reduced their speakers, so am just hearing different songs at a time.

I locked my door and went to have shower, after I finished bathing. I ate and slept off, that day was a good day. I slept off with light and woke up with light, the next morning, I picked up my brush and cup.

I went outside to brush, immediately I got close to papa Caleb’s door.

The door burst open and Nkitae ran out of the room and started vomitting at the frontage. Em don happen!

Mama Caleb came out of the yard staring at her.

Mama Caleb: Nkitae, you get belle? Wait… Papa Caleb oh! Our housegirl don carry belle oh!

As she raised her voice, doors started opening in the yard and my tenants started coming out to hear the full gists. Nobody wan miss the happening.

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