Oga Landlord - S01 E09 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

I only saw two fat legs lifted up, I didn’t get a clear view. I tiptoed to see naked boy on top Fatty. Her plaited hairs scattered on the small foam.
She have shut her eyes and her big mouth was opened, instead of m*aning she was roaring like hungry lion.

The boy on her body is very small compared to were her fat body occupied on the bed, Emeka height just stopped below her neck. So his face was trapped in between the fat melons that was fallen like the biblical walls of Jericho.
Emeka bare buttocks was very black as I observed under the light of the bulb, this yellow cream no favour this boy buttocks – I thought.
Emeka was hammering her with missionary style, the problem is he couldn’t drop his both hands on the bed or floor to b*ng her. He raised his hands up and grabbed her fat neck, and he moves himself up and down on Fatty’s body. Emeka dey try oh! This one na suffering happily after.

I left the window side and find my way through the back door of the restaurant, I saw her girls trying to serve orders to the customers in the bar.

I only greeted them and hurried to my shop, on getting to my shop. I met Olamide standing outside while a trunk was parked before my mini-supermarket front, some men were moving packages inside the shop while Olamide held pen and book giving orders, one of the man that was loading returned from my shop and met Olamide. He didn’t know I was behind him sha…

Man: sir, we don load am finish oh, and we don arrange am.

Olamide: good boy, I no like my shop to scatter. Make sure you and your boys do better job, or I go call the woman to tell am say make em no pay ona.

Me: which shop? Olamide, I never die you don inherit one of my property.

The man stared at me confused, Olamide started scratching his head.

Man: we don do finish, me and my boys wan go.

Me: no worry, make ona go. Greet your madam for me, come Olamide. I don dey suspect you oh!

Olamide: oga good evening, sorry sir.

Me: wetin good for this evening? Darkness cover your eyes, see I no be your brother oh. If I die today, i get family people to inherit my shop so no think am say you be next of my kin, we no relate kpata! Kpata!! Come, bring today sales money.

Olamide: God forbid! Oga, you no go die. Money dey with Oluchi.

He pointed towards the shop door, she came out of the shop locking the doors. I no mind use 20padlocks for the protectors and iron door that protects my shop, I ordered Olamide to meet her and take the money with the book that has records of the day sales. Oluchi is a beautiful girl, who is about writing her JAMB, she works in my shop to raise some money in case she has admission, she will not lack and wholly depend on her parents.

The girl love money like me, she has many fathers that I don’t even know who her biological father is, don’t ask me oh! I no talk anything.

Olamide ran back to me and handed over everything, I turned back and stopped a keke man passing through the tarred road and hopped in, some minutes later he dropped me along the road to my yard.
There are incomplete buildings close to my yard, we have lots of them and my yard is surrounded by four, there are three roads that leads to my yard. One narrow road runs from East to West, while one comes from South to join the other road at the front of my yard. So, generally there are three ways to get to were I live, I took the back one leading from South directing to my yard, there are incomplete buildings at both sides along the way.

On my way home, closing in on my yard is another incomplete building before I will get to my house, I over heard voices.
Voice1: no, I will not gree, you want to do finish and do promise and fail
I pause first, the voice seem familiar

Voice2: no, see I no go fail this time around. Why you dey do me like this na? My thing don stand ready to enter.

Voice1: to enter where? See I nodey gree oh. If you no give me money, you no go do anything.

Voce2: why you dey act like small pikin, okay okay! Take this five hundred naira, tomorrow when you come back to service my engine, I go pay you one thousand naira.

Voice1: I no gree o, this one you pay like this na only one round oh! Because, your own you go dey do and do no stop as if say you give better something.

Voice2: no talk like that na, you know say you sweet well well. If I don see you tay tay, I for no marry that my two trailer wey I call wives put for house
na Rufus be this oh!

Voice1: talk truth? My thing sweet pass your wives own?

Voice2: yes na, well well… Any man wey go enter your thing, go always come back for more. Na em make I dey always come back, Iyawo Iyawo! Fine girl, turn quick quick, make we start.

Voice1: take am easy oh.

Ona wan start? I dey laugh ona sha… I climbed through the window and entered one of the empty room. The room is flat, from were am hearing there voice, they are in the verandah of the house.

I laid on the wall close to were they are.

Voice1: Rufus, take am easy na. You wan spoil my pant.

Voice2: no na, aaahhhh!

Voice1: wetin happen? Why you dey shout like that?

Voice2: I don zip my p---k together with my trouser.

Voice1: I don w*t, fine way commot am na. I nofit wait again.

Me: Iyawo! Iyawo!! Iyawo!!! Rufus! Rufus!! Rufus!!! Why do you want to fornicate and crucify me again?

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