Addiction - S01 E35 (Story Episode)

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I can’t believe this olosho where I don disvirgin sent me out of her house..

the whole me emeka,too much swag,too much juice too much sauce,i kept praising myself as I reversed my wheelbarrow and wheeled it out of her compound,immediately I got out i saw her friend (Mary Jane) coming towards my direction, she’s my ex girlfriend also, immediately she saw me she frown her face and hissed and she walked pass me…

mj(I called her and touched her shoulder), she turned to me,emeka if they born you well touch me again,nawa for you ooo,soo to touch you don be crime again?, anyway that not why i called you,why I called you is that I really missed you,can we talk anytime you’re alone at home, I need to apologize for what happened by giving you something special you know(as I gave her a wink),I don’t blame you emeka,I blame your father for not using condom against your mother before giving birth to this lifeless fool like you(she said) as she stormed into chioma’s compound….

ehheen,na me this girl just insult?,no worry shebi we go meet for school, if I no rape this girl call me bastard…

I continue walking and was close to my shop when I sighted david(my friend) walking with a girl as they came out from a little mama putt restaurant, oboy this girl make sense oo,I walked to their front to talk to them,baba hwfa na(I said) to David,which was how we guys greet ourselves, emeka I dey busy now make we talk later(he said), wait fess calm down, say na because you don catch one fish person no fit greet you again?, plz who are you calling fish?(the girl asked),noo I didn’t mean to call you fish like that,what I meant was this beautiful damsel (as I winked at her causing her to blush).. okay guy e don do we go see for school(David said angrily as he pushed me aside and held her by the hand and they continued walking)..

I never chop since morning, make I enter this mama putt,i touched my pocket and brought out 500naira note from my pocket then i entered and and walked to the counter,a girl was standing at my front ordering for her own,Give me two fish, one egg and rice 150 she said, suddenly my eyes glanced at her ass,she was wearing a crop top and a dark leggings exposing her round figure 8,wetin be this(I thought),this kind girl go good for bed oo d--n..

they gave her the plate of food she ordered,how much is my bill(she asked), 400naira the mama replied,and she brought out 500naira from the purse she was holding to pay,uhhm,hey don’t worry let me handle the bills(I said to the girl with a huge grin),no don’t worry I have my money here to pay(she replied in a confused face),common you can keep your cash,I insist to pay for you,okay(she shruggled) thank you, you’re welcome (I replied) and she walked to an empty spot to sit…

chai,me wey na only 500naira dey my hand and I never chop since morning, I wan come pay 400naira for this girl,I was still thinking what to do,oga wey the money?(the mama asked)…

I gave her my 500,just give me moimoi 50,rice 50(I said to her) and I located where the girl sat,I saw her looking more gorgeous where she sat as her face was focused on a phone she was holding,as I walked closer I saw that it was an iPhone she was holding,hello dear,mind if I sit?(I asked her), she looked up from her phone(sure why not),by the way my name is emeka(I said) as I stretched my hand for a handshake,my name is Monica(she replied) and thank you very much for the food, and she continued eating her food,so do you stay in this environment?because your face don’t look familiar,not really I actually came to see one of my girlfriend who stays down the street so I said I should come here to eat,do you stay here too(she asked), nah not me,I stay at with my parents at the island lekki phase 1 to be precise,I just came here to give my aunty some money before going back,am not used to eating at mama putt like this,I eat at eatery but I don’t know anywhere around so I said I should come here,cool that nice(she said,looking more interested in what i was saying)then suddenly I heard my name from behind…

EMEKA?,I turned and saw my mother at the counter with her hand on her hips,soo na here you dey since this useless pikin?,that food wey you dey chop na your food throughout today oo shey you know?,I just hope say no be that 500naira I give you make you help me buy nylon for shop you dey use chop?.. I was dumbfounded and embarrassed,who is she(Monica asked),my aunty I told you about(I replied)..which foolish aunty this useless son,(as she came to where I sat and pulled by the ear),I hope say you don give mama chioma that malt and carton of indomin?,yes mama(I replied) then I ran out of the restaurant, I saw where I parked the wheelbarrow, I reversed it and quickly ran faster with it more than my legs could carry me…

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