Addiction - S01 E34 (Story Episode)

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Previously on Addiction
chioma I just came back from the hospital for my blood test and my result says am HIV positive,as he took a photocopied paper and toss it to me on the floor,WHAT?(I said in shock)and then he jumped down and ran out of my compound to the street in the dim darkness..

End Of Recap

I woke up with sweat all over my face as my pillow was soaked with sweat… my heart was panting hard as I looked at myself, I was still on my danshiki shirt and baggy pants,i looked at my window which was still so this was only a dream (I said) as I fell back on my bed and stare at my ceiling deep in thought…
I was sweating profusely because of the fan was off and the windows was shut..

I got up gently to pull up the window and switch on the fan…
I was on my way to the bathroom to wash my face when I heard rumpling in my stomach (calm down I will feed you) I said as I tapped my stomach…

while I was washing my face the dream flashed to my mind again,but what if the dream comes to pass(I thought in fear),I imagined myself with HIV,Slim body,always coughing,people staying away from me, “GOD FORBID”(I yelled),I can’t have HIV…(as I removed it from my mind)
I took my tooth brush and brush my teeth for about one minute, cleaned my face with a towel as I came out of the bathroom then my eye glanced at the nylon I brought yesterday,as some of the things in it came out to the floor,lemme see if this stuffs fit me(as I dropped the branded nylon on the bed… I tested the shoes which were two pairs,I don’t have time to change my clothes on as I rested the clothes on my body to see how it fits as I stare at my wardrobe mirror,wow this looks like a Korean dress(I said),I tested other shirts and some skirts and jeans…

the noise in my stomach erupt again,okay fine time to eat as I dropped the clothes in my wardrobe and head straight to the kitchen… I fix myself my regular cornflake which I eat most times before breakfast,I was about switching on the TV then I heard a knock from the door,..coming (I yelled) as I ran to the door,I didn’t bother checking the keyhole as i opened and I saw emeka standing with two cartons of malt and one carton of indomin in a wheelbarrow (truck), the fact that he was carrying this things he dresses nice,wearing a leather jacket and chinos with a nice perfumes i could perceive..

immediately I saw him my heartbeat increased as I remembered my DREAM…

he noticed the shocked look on my face,CHIOMA,CHIOMA(he called) as he waved his hands at my face,oh sorry(I said) breaking myself from my thought,emeka what are you looking for(I asked with a frown),your mum ordered for this so I was told to bring this here(he replied),okay bring it in(I said) as I opened the door a little wider…

I carried the indomin carton and he carried the cartons of malt as I directed him to the kitchen where we dropped it,so how much is your money(I asked) as we got to the living room, no don’t bother, your mum already transfered the money to our bank account(he replied), okay shut the door when you’re out(as I walked to sit down), chioma?(he called),what?,I said(not looking at his direction and switching on the TV), chioma am still begging you to…pls pls pls(I interrupted him) I know what you’re about to say,but I already told you am not interested final,chioma I can’t get you off my mind pls am sorry if I offended you before(he said)..

okay you know what(I said) as I walked to the door and opened it widely,GET OUT(I said),what?(he laughed),are you sending me out of your house?(he asked).. nooo because you’re paying house rent here,better get out before I push you out myself(I raised my voice)…

he walked to where his wheelbarrow was at the front of my door and he turned back to talk to me again, BUT.. and I slammed the door at his face

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