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He didn’t answer. Instead, he froze. How-
does she know? I still have my mask on.

Now wasn’t the time to get into the much
desired discussion. His eyes fell on the door to
the bathroom. His partner had informed him
there was a tub.

Gently and behaving as
though his daughter hadn’t spoken, he
walked to the bathroom door with Zara in his

The man she had just called dad walked on
into the room. He was carrying- Oh! No! Not

Her legs found strength and intercepted the
man as he walked towards the bathroom.

Standing in front of him, she was even surer
that it was her father but why he would be
involved in this was beyond.
“Where are you taking her to?” there was no
attempt to hide the anger that she felt. “Why
did you bring her here? What are you doing

There were answers but he didn’t trust
himself to speak yet. He swept his all over
her. His partner had kept his side of the
bargain. She did look well considering the
He took a step and she blocked it.

step was blocked. The scene brought a smile
to his face. Indeed, she took after her mother
in stubbornness.

“The bathroom. She needs a bath.” came his
reply. It was him! Her nose caught a whiff.

Her friend had to be on her period. “and you
are going to be so magnanimous to offer your
services?” The sarcasm masked her fear.

“No, Ima.” There was no point denying it
further plus there was no one for her to tell
her discovery. “I was just going to put her
there, for you perhaps?”
The lady he was carrying wasn’t heavy by his
arms were starting to ache.
She didn’t reply. How could she? Her chest
felt tight. It was as though she couldn’t

Then, it occurred to her. Her friend wasn’t,
hadn’t moved in all almost five minutes of the
back and forth.

“What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she
“She’s asleep.”

He moved again and she blocked his way yet
again. “If she’s asleep and I’m to bathe her. It
won’t work. Put her on the bed.” He hesitated
before he saw the wisdom in her words. She
would have to call on one of them to carry a
probably naked bathed lady back to the room
which was obviously not wanted.

Slowly, he moved to the bed and laid the
cargo on the bed.
“Put her on the bed and leave.”
The ice in her words chilled him. Perhaps this
scheme wasn’t a good idea. Even as he stood,
he couldn’t see it working.

It doesn’t matter. Either way she’s stuck with
Glad that the key was still in her room, she
locked the door after her father and settled
down by her friend for a good cry.

Working with their instructions, he rewound
the security tape to the day Ima left for her
vacation. Through the screen, they saw the
laughter on both ladies faces. Carefree and

“So, why do you have a room set up like this?

What are you looking out for?” Iyke asked,
unable to keep the questions to himself.
The chair turned as Frank faced them. “I
make movies. Ordinarily, it oughtn’t to be a
basis for targeting but it is. Maybe it’s just
paranoia. Although, I know it isn’t. My
sources have informed me that I’m a target
for possible abductions. Why? I really don’t
know. Plus, it’s my house. I can choose to
install a security system if I so desire.”

“Your house?” Iyke wasn’t aware that the
landlord was living just behind the building.

He doubted the ladies knew too.

“Yes. My house. I rented out the building
through my agents. This is the only place I
seem to be unknown. Perhaps due to the fact
that I don’t got out much when I vacation

AIG cleared his throat. “Do you go over the
footage every day?” He asked. Frank shook
his head. “No, I don’t. There’s a security firm
paid to do that. They analyze the footage for
possible threats.”

“hmmmmm” Deep in thought, AIG scratched
his chin. “I have an idea. Can we go, is it
back or forward, to the date you returned?

Iyke, what day did you return from Geneva?
The day Zara was supposed to meet you at the

Iyke did some quick calculation of the dates.
“The 19th.” “Please sir, take us to the 19 , a
week ago.” AIG asked.
Frank turned to the computer and after
imputing some strokes, the day in question
was brought up.

“If she coming to pick you up at the airport,
she would have wanted to get to the airport
before you or just in time right?”
“Yeah… We had spoken the day before. My
flight was to land at around 8am. So, she
would have been leaving the house around

“alright. Then. It’s also a good thing there are
security lights because I’m not sure of how

“That’s her.” Iyke almost shouted, pointing at
the screen.

They watched as she came out of the house
and locked the door. She was almost at the
door of her car when they saw quick
movement. The man was quick. Within
seconds he had his hand covering her mouth.

Together, they saw the phone fall to the floor.
Speaking into her ear, he kept his face
hidden. Whatever, he said worked because
left the side of her car and walked in the
direction she would have driven. She walked
in front of him, no doubt obeying his
instructions, with her head bowed.

As they walked out, the man stole a glance at
the building, giving the camera the
opportunity to capture his face.
Iyke staggered back as the face froze with the
pause button being clicked by Frank. “Jesus!”
AIG held him by the arm to stop him from

“Do you know him?” All four eyes were
trained on him. “Yes, I do. The light isn’t
adequate but yes, I know him. That’s Ima’s

AIG left Iyke’s arm. “Are you sure of what you
are saying?”
“Yes, I am.”

“What’s the problem?” Frank asked. “He’s
saying that the man on the screen is the
father of one of kidnapped ladies.” AIG

Frank look bewildered at the suggestion. “But
that doesn’t make any sense.” “In my
experience, it never does. Please can we get
an enlarged printout of that frame?”
Mixed feelings aside, he would offer any
assistance with the hope that his
misdemeanor be forgotten.
“Sure. Just give me five minutes while I work
that out.”

It was a good thing she had been kidnapped
with her luggage. Funny that she saw it as a
good thing. It gave her the tools needed to
clean her friend up, not an easy task though.
The sanitary towel ought to have been
changed at least four times over given the
heavy flow her friend usually experienced.
Immediately, the door closed, Ima got to work
with a towel and some water mixed with
disinfectant. The first wash was almost
unbearable but she went on. It did give her
some much needed reprieve.
Three Weeks Later…
Mrs. Obi picked up her clutch and walked to
the door. She had a function to attend. One
that didn’t hold any sort of appeal for her.

Her daughter was still missing after almost
two months. Her ex-husband was being
implicated in the kidnappings. It wasn’t
public news but she knew it wouldn’t be long
or at least until he was found. An APB had
been put out. His job as a secret service agent
stopped them from issuing a public wanted
poster. The reason was that it could hinder
whatever investigation he was part of.

So, whatever, they had to do would be done
under wraps. She bent and picked up the keys
to her car.

Mrs. Obi opened the door and walked to her
car. Entering the driver’s seat, she slot the
key in the keyhole and started the car.
“Hello Darling.”
Her hand paused above the handbrake. She
turned slowly and was brought face to face
with her ex-husband.
“Hi, Dede.”

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