A Girl Like Amanda - S01 E27 (Story Episode)

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“Mama, are you in?.” Amanda asked as she entered granny’s room.

Mama who was lying down on the bed saw Amanda and quickly sat up.

“My jewel, her father’s pride.” Mama complimented as she gets close to her.

Amanda smiles as she hugs granny tightly.

“Easy, easy before you break my bones completely.” She said jokingly and Amanda laughs.

“I love seeing you smile. I was worried these past few days you locked yourself in your building.

“Mama, am very sorry. I was sad but it doesn’t matter now.” She said.

“What is making my jewel to be sad. Is it boyfriend?.” As mama said, Amanda have a short laugh and looked away, she is angry but tried suppressing it with a smile, she turns and face mama and said “No mama, I don’t have a boyfriend mama. It’s just me and my busy life.” She said smiling.

“I can see but am surprised a pretty girl like you do not have a boyfriend.” Granny complimented and Amanda still kept smiling.

“Mama, a boyfriend is not what I need now. I can take care of my self. Don’t need any controlling guy in my life.” She said freely.

“If you say so, you are still young so that isn’t a problem for now.” She nods her head in understanding as granny said that.

Eight Years A go.

“Mama, I don’t like what you are doing ooo. How can you tell me to go sit on that man’s leg.” Fifteen years old Amanda complains heavily as she drops her school bag in a corner in her mother’s office inside a bar that she runs, her mother had told her to go sit on an old man’s leg, the man is in his early sixties and some small bars in the bar hails him every time he walks in, he would start spraying money joyfully. He had seen Amanda two days prior and told her mother who is referred to as Mama J, when the man told Juliet that he would like to sleep with Amanda for one night, at first she refused but when Senator Adewale offered two million naira, she quickly accepted the offer.

They had made the arrangements, Mama J would tell her daughter to follow him when she comes back from school and if she grees, he would transfer the money to her account immediately.

“Shut up, I am your mother, I carried in my stomach for nine months. You are disobeying me, see let me tell you. If you don’t go and meet that man and do everything he tells you to do, no more school for you. I won’t pay for a disobedient child’s school fees oo, lai lai, eno fit happen.” She angrily said as she yells at her.

Amanda knew her mother meant what she said, she couldn’t decide on what to do at that point of time.

“Look, I need to go attend to my customers, if you dey mad. No change your uniform and come out and meet that senator. I give you seven minutes Amanda. After all, na me dey take care of you after your stupid father died, non sense girl.” She cursed as she brushed past her.

Amanda falls to the floor, streams of tears ran down her eyes. To her, it was unfair. But she had no choice, her education was important, and she would do anything possible to secure it, moreover, her senior waec exam is fast approaching.


“Amanda!!.” Granny shouts out her name as she taps her.

She realize she was thinking, hiding the depression on her face, Amanda smiled again.

“Like smile from now till tomorrow, what were you thinking?.” Granny asked her.

“Nothing mama, nothing serious.” She said in a calm manner.

“Nothing serious? Are you sure?.” Granny worriedly asked.

“Yes, granny

Don’t worry about a thing. Am fine.” She hugs granny again and kisses her on the forehead then stands up.

“Mama am hungry, let me go and buy something to eat.” She said.

“Okay,” granny said.

Coming out of mama’s room, she sees Soludo seated at a corner.

She called him and he ran up to her.

“Is there any eatery around?.” She asks him.

He thinks around for a second and said “Yes, there is one close to the school. Daili foods.” He said.

“Good, get dressed and call Soludo and Lotenna, we are going to the eatery but inform your mother first okay?” She said and he smiled immediately. He ran quickly to Soludo and Lotenna, he told them and they grinning from ear to ear. The three of them ran to their mother inside their building.

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