Twins Adventure - S01 E22 (Story Episode)

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Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.

By : Confucius

Oyibo ; Igun na scam.

Joy: what do you mean?

Oyibo : There’s no such thing as Igun is all but an imaginary oracle that madam glow and edu created to subdue and tame us.

Joy:(shocked) Are you sure about this? How do you know about this?

Oyibo : I know you won’t believe me and that’s why am going to take you to somewhere.

Joy : Where?

Oyibo : If you want to get Mr Smith, you can’t only rely on yourself, you will have to take some drastic actions. Haven’t you wondered how I get my rich and i influential customers easily.

Joy : I thought you were just being lucky.

Oyibo : In this our work, because of much competition you do not rely only on luck, most of us take other measures to stand out.

Joy : Hmmm.

Oyibo : We are forced to look at other places to get the ability to stand out. We then visit some native doctors for help, that’s how I got involved with Okwu the native doctor to Ajah in ukuni village . (showing a red bracelet with black dots on it) He gave me this bracelet to always wear going out for my work.

Joy: This is really interesting.

Oyibo : I will take you there and am sure he will have something for you that will make your job in getting Mr Smith to love you, plus you will also confirm if Igun is really real or not. Are you up to it.

Joy : I made a promise to myself and grandmother to surely succeed in life. All this I will do so as to add value to chinedu my heart, who knows I might use this chance and go to abroad to see him. I’m up to it.

Oyibo : Good, some money was sent to me by madam, let’s go and withdraw it so that we can go shopping before going to ukuni.

Joy : why don’t we go first, after coming back we shop..

Oyibo : is a bit far I don’t think we will come back early.

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