Gardener's Daughter - S01 E39 (Story Episode)

5 months ago

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Author Favour Oroso

“No..I think she’s still dressing..I think we should get in already..!”tecolete advised..”are you sure everything is okay down there because they are alot of securities here..!”Isadora said..”yeah..”tecolete said as he puts on his masks with Isadora putting on her masks and they opened the kitchen door which was all quiet..they both entered different room searching for Rosie..

“Are you not’s getting late..”Rosie said as she turned her back she saw Isadora though she didn’t know it was Isadora.. isadora pointed a gun on her head..”we meet again..little buddy..!”isadora said Roxana from the room..didn’t hear anything..she came out and saw Isadora as teco points a gun at her too..”don’t you dare move..or scream..or else we’ll blow up dis just cooperate with us..!”tecolete said as Rosie shivered..already sobbing..”please we haven’t done anything..!”Roxana said..
“Oh please please shut your silly mouth..I came here only for dis fool Rosie but u joined d let’s party..!”Isadora she injected Rosie..with a drug that ll make her sleep..”no..!”Roxana yelled out as teco finally injects Roxana too

They grabbed them outside as they drove off.. captain aleandro immediately followed them calling all his backup as he didn’t know where they were taking Rosie and Roxana too..he just drove after them to find d location of the place..they were heading to..*

“Where is’s been taking more than
minutes..”Miguel said tensed with tiger standing beside him..
“She told me she’ll be here in a few minutes..I don’t know y she’s taking long again..!”azucena said
“I can’t stay here..I have to go check on her..!”Miguel said..”yeah..”tiger said as they both went to the room.. Meanwhile d guests already started murmuring while some left d party..

“Damnit..damnit..d--n..they took her..they took…!!!!”Miguel said as he sighted Rosie’s bracelet on the floor..”hey not sure they would have kidnapped her and beside who would have done such thing to my daughter..?”
“Fernando….!!”Miguel said as he saw Rosie’s phone on the table..
“Have anyone noticed that ur mother isn’t around as well..!”azucena said..

“ right..!”miguel agreed..”yeah she’s not anywhere..or may be we haven’t checked everywhere..they couldn’t have kidnapped mrs Roxana too..!”tiger said..”if anything happens to my Rosie..I will never forgive myself..not on my wedding day.. no!!!!”Miguel said as tears rolls down his cheeks..

The security guards in the house searched for both Rosie and Roxana all over the house but didn’t find her..neither in Rosie’s apartment..Miguel called off the wedding when he saw that d murmuring of the guests were too much..*

In a very big warehouse..everywhere was planted with bomb..Roxana and Rosie were tied up on a thick long stick as they placed bomb on their ropes..

“Please..let us go..please we haven’t done anything..!”Rosie cried out loud..after tecolete had tortured both her and Roxana…

“You two are real u don’t know dis voice..!”Isadora asked as she removed her masks..Rosie was shocked as she had a flash back of Isadora face..”I..s..a..d..o..r..a”Rosie was shocked..” cruel sure your stupid father told you to get here..let Rosie go..!”Roxana said..”you know her..!”Rosie asked..

“Yes..this b---h and h..”isadora immediately cuts in..”you two shut your mouth keep shut..I have a surprise for you two..shameless tramps..!”Isadora smiled Fernando walked in with Teca..he was shocked to see his as Roxana.
“Fernando..what are u doing here son..that man is a bad man…why are u here..!”Roxana asked..”yeah..I should be asking dis same question to this b---h Isadora..cmon.. what’s d meaning of all these…y is my mother here..?”Fernando turned to Isadora..”oh you fool..I didn’t bring your mother neither did I want to kidnap her but she saw me taking I had to kidnap her to..or worse kill her which is more cool..seeing your mother alive..or dead..”Isadora said..

“My beautiful still look beautiful with all those bruises..!”Teca said laughing…”you gonna pay for this..!”Roxana said..crying..” know him..what is he talking about..?”Fernando asked..”oh cmon mind your business..or haven’t you seen your baby told us to get there she is…you can do whatever you want with her..!”isadora said as Fernando brought out his gun and points it to isadora…Teca points to Roxana..

“Let my daughter go..or else I’ll kill both you and your mother…with ur gardeners lover..Rosie..!”Teca said..

“You can’t betray us now..cmon.. Fernando..let told us to get rid of Rosie..please..calm down..!”Isadora pleaded..

“So you wanted me dead this how you show ur love…?”Rosie said crying bitterly..

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