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“Good morning, sir” Michael greeted the man sited behind the table, books and text books properly arranged on the table.

“Morning, Michael looo!” He teased him but he was unmoved, the man studied him for a while wondering why the sudden change, did he wake up from the other side of the bed maybe that is the reason he is acting up he thought.

“Ehh.. sir, I want to pay for my exam fee” he cut off his thought, the man brought out a note while Michael hand over the money to him. He flipped through pages in the note containing names of those who have paid their exam fee in sss2 class, he bend and write his name.

After that he looked up and asked, “Are you prepared to write my exam, you know is tough” Michael only nodded, and left the staffroom to his class. The man bends down and scribbled something inside the notebook, ignoring the thought of Michael’s sudden change.


“Here is the phone” Abigail dropped the phone on the table, she is a sophisticated lady in her own way, being self-employed is a thing she usually boast of. She was sited on a red sofa inside Jackson’s sitting room.

“Let me go and get the thirty thousand naira” she got up from the chair to get the thirty thousand wads of naira notes. She hasn’t checked since Morning after they have sent Michael away without a penny for his exam fee.


“Ah ah, who took the money, is it my husband?” She asked no one in particular, she searched again and didn’t find it. Arms akimbo she thought of who has taken the money, from where she had perfectly hidden it. She was shocked and surprised at the same time because she was very sure that she alone knows where the money was hidden. “How come the money is gone?” she asked rhetorically as she picked up her phone.

“Hello honey” she called her husband Jackson to confirm if he was the one who had taken the money, but he said no. she dropped the phone on the bed wondering if money now grow wings to fly, she knows Michael isn’t a thief or is it Oliver his son, no it can’t be.


“Michael, why are you crying?” Bright sitting beside his crying friend whose head is rested on his palms, he look at his friend with teary eyes. Bright is aware why he is sad.

“Stop crying, we should meet the form master he will allow you to write, you know he likes you a lot” Michael stare at his friend for approval, he nodded. Both on their feet they walk away.

“Where have you guys been? See they have called of your names ooh… the form master asked me to search for both of you” Kennedy look at his friends suspiciously, wondering why Michael is cleaning tears from his eyes.

“What did you just say?” Michael asked with surprise tone. Ken hissed and walked away without offering any explanation. They are running late already for the exam. The exam was stipulated to hold by 9:30am after the general cleanup.


“Will you run down here, you guys want to fail?” Paul, the biology teacher ordered the three boys who are walking briskly to the podium in front of SSS2 science class corridor.

“Good morning, Angela” Michael greeted his once best female friend, of course she ignored him, she has told him that if he isn’t ready to date her, he should disappear from her life.

He was sited behind her in the exam hall.

“Thank you Zadi” Michael whisper with teary eyes when he received the question paper and answer sheet.

“When will you call me princess?” she asked smiling sheepishly as she appeared beside him, because the exam hall was arranged I a one person per seat form. Michael only shook his head and concentrate on what he was writing; only Michael could see Zadira.

“oh.. princess Zadira”


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